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We're industry leaders in the delivery of integrated facilities management solutions. We deliver services to customers across industry, working in the UK's most complex and highly regulated environments. We work closely, and in collaboration, with our customers to apply the principles of ISO 44001 Collaborative Business Relationships. We create solutions which align to your business, workplace and operational needs. Our service solutions offer the highest levels of industry leading safety performance, compliance, operational excellence and efficiency. They are digitally led and insights driven to optimise the facilities experience.

With risk mitigation being at the centre of all our daily activities, all of our facilities solutions and services are subject to our business continuity planning protocols, leveraging our ISO 23001 accredited processes.

Our customers benefit from our forward-focused advisory and planning services for strategic, technical and sustainability improvements. Our technology and data platforms allow all our Facilities customers to gain access to assured data and insights that support operational excellence, compliance, and insight-led strategic improvement.

Tailored solutions

Our offer is comprised of a mix of soft and hard facilities services with strategic planning, sustainability and evolution built in. Our customers benefit from our tailored, collaborative, and responsive solutions which are delivered by experts who care about your people and your business. Through our award-winning approach to key account management (KAM), we work with you to understand your organisational culture, your building portfolio and service needs; as well as your business challenges. We then turn this knowledge into facilities strategies and optimised service design.

We aim to create customer solutions specifically designed to support your business, innovate and deliver value. We do so by combining our world class people, process and systems, our environmental, social and governance strategies with our award-winning safety and assurance methodologies.







Solutions delivered by experts

Our key difference is our people. Our culture of health, wellbeing and personal development gives us the highest employee retention rates in the FM sector. Our in-house services are backed up by our proven national supply partner network, allowing us to offer you a comprehensive, tailored service which is designed around your building portfolio and your people's needs; and delivered by experts who care.



Advanced utilisation of data and technology

Our digital technology and data analytics platforms give our facilities customers access to high-definition, assured data and insights which supports operational excellence, compliance and strategic improvement. At the heart of our facilities solutions is One Data World - a practical, simple to deploy platform which integrates disparate data sources into a high value, quality assured and actionable data feed.



Proven leadership managing estates, properties and assets

We're the industry leaders in delivering integrated facilities solutions. We leverage our class-leading skills and competency with our deep legacy in engineering and technical services to maximise long term value. We have long-term customers in defence, aerospace, nuclear, life-sciences, utilities and government. These are some of the UK's most complex and regulated environments. As a result, we operate at the UK's highest operational and cyber security standards, with our processes aligning to ISO 31000.



Future-proofing and sustainability

We're proud of our holistic and consistent focus on sustainability for all our stakeholders and of our assertive approach to achieving our target of Net Zero. We offer our customers access to our advanced energy solutions and support them on developing alternative sustainable approaches to plastics, water usage and waste on their sites. Additionally, our wellbeing, safety and personal development programmes are at the heart of our drive towards organisational resilience.


Our solutions

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Intelligent Asset Management

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Route Zero

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One Data World
One Data World

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Smart Campus
Smart Campus

Discover our facilities and asset management solution which makes the complex simple.

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Our products

We offer a bespoke and highly responsive blend of direct and managed services to support your ever evolving business needs.


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