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Enhancing workplace performance, safety and wellbeing – every day

A well-maintained building creates the optimum conditions for enhanced workplace performance, and the highest levels of safety and wellbeing; it can also position your organisation a destination of choice for employees and visitors. We ensure every building and asset in your portfolio is resilient, compliant, sustainable and operates efficiently. As a result, our customers also see the very real difference it makes when their workplaces deliver a vibrant and positive experience for all.

Understanding your operational priorities allows us to create bespoke, highly customised and responsive solutions. We use our expertise, along with the latest tools and technology, to develop

advanced physical asset management strategies, supported by digital insight. Our whole-life approach encompasses performance and energy efficiency as well as optimised maintenance solutions. We also build in the option to scale up from core compliance and maintenance services, to advanced predictive business-focussed maintenance, strategic asset management and investment planning if required.

Turn your asset data into insight, knowledge and optimised actions

The Intelligent Asset Management platform is our forward-focused analysis tool which uses the latest technology and analytics to enhance facilities operations and asset management decision-making capabilities.

The key to Intelligent Asset Management is data aggregation. We collate data from multiple sources across your portfolio: energy consumption, cost, building condition, indoor air quality, compliance and asset performance all feed into one agnostic solution. This creates an asset management engine for your business which opens up powerful opportunities for much smarter cost control, accurate budget forecasting and more confident decision-making.

Advantages for your organisation

  • Accurately predict when capital replacements will be required
  • Make more robust, evidence-based decisions about asset investment
  • Create more finely tuned and responsive maintenance plans
  • Fully optimise cost and lifetime performance
  • Predict and mitigate against risk of failure 
  • Improve uptime and maximise return on investment for your asset portfolio



Billion Asset Data points 
constantly updated



year asset performance 
data library




million (and growing) assets
supported by our Intelligent
Asset Management platform



A unique collaborative approach

We are proud to be the first facilities management company in the world to be awarded ISO 44001 – the international best practice framework for effective collaborative business relationships. It’s an approach that continues to deliver tangible benefits for our customers. Through collaboration we build a deep understanding of each business, operational needs and strategic goal.



A responsive team of accredited technicians and

Every customer should expect fast and effective around-the-clock advanced technical and engineering expertise from their facilities provider – and that’s what we provide. Our national network of asset management experts, mobile and on-site technical teams, and UK-wide supply chain partner network are all supported by a 24/7 national technical performance centre. As a result, we elevate standards, conformance and performance across a wide range of asset classes and estates.



Industry-leading data and analytics

One Data World powers our Intelligent Asset Management dynamic resource scheduling solution, as well as AXIS, our customer application. By turning multiple asset data sources into usable insights, our teams deliver leading-edge asset lifecycle management, maintenance strategies, reporting, compliance and operational asset performance. Combining data, experience, competency, knowledge and insight optimises risk profiles, enhances asset investment planning and improves the total performance of workplaces.



Putting your operational priorities first

Our customers tell us that not every facilities provider can match the range of services we provide, or operate in every workplace or asset class. We have a long and successful history in some of the UK’s most challenging, complex and highly-regulated working environments. And our customers benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise, no matter the size or complexity of each workplace.

Customer peace of mind comes from our adherence to the highest standards in cyber security, business continuity and quality, backed up by processes and training standards that reflect the sensitivity and criticality of your workplaces and assets.



Achieving the highest standards

Consistent and reliable customer service excellence is our priority. We set the standard in UK asset management at the highest level. By working with us, your asset solutions will incorporate a full suite of statutory compliance services which are checked against a constantly updated SFG20 maintenance standard library. This advanced asset compliance database is the core of our Intelligent Asset Management platform. Our asset status, compliance audits, documentation and compliance recommendations allow you to check, standardise and elevate asset compliance standards and develop transparency even across the most complex portfolios.

  • ISO 55001 (Asset Management)
  • ISO 44001 (Collaborative Business Relationships)



Enhanced actionable reporting

Our intuitive asset status dashboards improve transparency, compliance, and performance reporting. Asset actions and maintenance briefs are distributed to our engineers (or your teams) and are automatically monitored via the task management platform.

  • 1 Billion Asset Data points constantly updated
  • 20 year asset performance data library
  • 1 million (and growing) assets supported by our Intelligent Asset Management platform


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