Evolving Data and Insight into Intelligent Action

In today’s rapidly evolving world, we recognise that well maintained buildings provide prime conditions for enhanced workplace performance, safety and wellbeing. These features will make your workplace a destination of choice for both your employees and visitors.

To achieve this, we ensure buildings and assets are resilient, compliant and sustainable. Additionally, we ensure they operate efficiently to create vibrant workplace experiences.

Optimising your assets
compliance and performance

Through our extensive knowledge and expertise, we provide advanced physical asset management strategies, that are digitally led and insights driven, to deliver enhanced performance. We take a whole life approach to managing assets for our clients; from performance through to energy efficiency. Through our uniquely collaborative approach, we work closely with our customers to build a deep understanding of your business, operational needs and strategic goals. In turn, we create optimised and planned reactive asset maintenance solutions that deliver value and performance.

Our customers benefit from our deep technical and engineering expertise, as well as our industry-leading data and analytics capabilities. Our unique data platform, One Data World, powers our Intelligent Asset Management dynamic resource scheduling solutions and AXIS - our customer application. Our unique technology and data platforms enable our teams to deliver enhanced asset lifecycle management, maintenance strategies, reporting, compliance and operational asset performance. Combining data, experience, competency, knowledge and insight optimises risk profiles, enhances asset investment planning and improves the total performance of workplaces. 

Our asset management solutions are bespoke, highly customised and responsive, meaning our asset solutions can always be matched to your operational priorities. Our solutions are designed to scale up from core compliance and maintenance services, right up to advanced predictive business focussed maintenance, strategic asset management and investment planning solutions. 


Assured asset solutions

Our national network of asset management experts and our mobile and on-site technical teams are supported by our 24/7 national technical performance centre to provide a comprehensive asset management, planning, and maintenance service. As a result, we elevate standards, conformance and performance across a wide range of asset classes and estates.

We have a long and successful history of operating in the UK’s most challenging, complex and highly-regulated working environments. The asset management solutions we create benefit from this unique expertise, no matter the size or complexity of your workplace.

As you would expect from a leader in facilities services, we set the standard in UK asset management. We are fully accredited to ISO 55001 (Asset Management) and we are world leaders in leveraging advanced collaboration to optimise operational performance. 

We were the first facilities management company in the world to be awarded ISO 44001. This is the international best practice framework for establishing effective collaborative business relationships and value. 




Billion Asset Data points 
constantly updated



year asset performance 
data library




million (and growing) assets
supported by our Intelligent
Asset Management platform



Elevating compliance

By working with us, your asset solutions will incorporate a full suite of statutory compliance services which are checked against a constantly updated SFG20 maintenance standard library. This advanced asset compliance database is the core of our Intelligent Asset Management platform. Our asset status, compliance audits, documentation and compliance recommendations allow you to check, standardise and elevate asset compliance standards and develop transparency across the most complex portfolios of multi-location assets.



 Responsive 24/7 expertise

We provide accredited and experienced technicians and engineers - whenever and wherever you need them. We do so through an optimal and bespoke mix of on-site and mobile specialists. Our self-delivered engineering expertise are complemented by our UK-wide expert supply chain partner network. In turn, this allows us to meet your most challenging and complex asset maintenance requirements around-the-clock. Your assets will be monitored by our 24/7 national technical performance centre which grants the quickest expert response in the event of out-of-hours maintenance requirements or live events.



  Enhanced actionable reporting

Our intuitive asset status and compliance dashboards enhance transparency, compliance, and performance reporting. This allows the multiple asset data-stream to be actionable for your teams as well as our engineers. Maintenance briefs are allocated to our engineering teams and monitored automatically via our task management platform.



  Unlocking the potential of data

Our IoT-enabled technologies and data analytics solutions are realised through our Intelligent Asset Management Tool. This tool can be fully integrated with existing Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) platforms. By turning multiple asset data sources into usable insights which align to business priorities, we can raise your data standards and unlock the potential of advanced Business Focused Maintenance (BFM).



 Succeeding in critical and complex environments

We’re one of very few sets of advanced UK facilities solutions providers who can offer services such as asset maintenance, compliance and strategic planning solutions which operate in the most complex, sensitive and highly regulated workplaces and asset classes. We operate to the highest standards in cyber security, business continuity and quality process management with processes and training standards that reflect the sensitivity and criticality of your workplaces and assets.


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Smarter asset management solutions: bespoke, scalable and dynamic with coverage across all key asset classes.




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