Intelligent Asset Management

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Turn your asset data into insight, knowledge
and optimised actions

The Intelligent Asset Management platform is our forward-focused analysis tool which uses the latest technology and analytics to enhance facilities operations and asset management decision-making capabilities.

The key to Intelligent Asset Management is data aggregation. We collate data from multiple sources across your portfolio:

energy consumption, cost, building condition, indoor air quality, compliance and asset performance all feed into one agnostic solution. This creates an asset management engine for your business which opens up powerful opportunities for much smarter cost control, accurate budget forecasting and more confident decision-making.

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  • Accurately predict when capital replacements will be required
  • Make more robust, evidence-based decisions about asset investment
  • Create more finely tuned and responsive maintenance plans
  • Fully optimise cost and lifetime performance
  • Predict and mitigate against risk of failure
  • Improve uptime and maximise return on investment for your asset portfolio

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Leveraging a wealth of information

AI and deep machine learning helps to build a comprehensive picture. That includes assessing asset age, condition, historical performance, criticality, operating and replacement costs – all from a short, medium and long term perspective. This gives powerful insight, enabling maintenance strategies to be adapted, and portfolios de-risked, even ensuring assets are aligned to the latest SFG20 updates.

One view of the truth

We enable asset performance data from across your organisation to feed into a central, standardised platform. With over a billion data reference points, asset data and compliance can be easily and consistently verified and benchmarked, including cross-portfolio checks.

A high-tech solution

Intelligent Asset Management is based on our data platform, One Data World, and automatically integrates with our task and resource management application (EMMA), ensuring maintenance tasks and alerts are rapidly communicated to facilities, technical and engineering teams. We can also integrate with your CAFM (Computer Added Facilities Management) platforms, thanks to our leading stack of governance and development protocols which are customisable to your existing data systems. One Data World provides a data integration layer which consolidates all your non-integrated data sources – even from low quality legacy systems – and its data lake is configurable to multiple feeds. Solid data governance protocols guarantee data saliency and quality.

Simple deployment

The Intelligent Asset Management platform is designed to be customised and scaled to each customer situation, budget and priorities, and can be deployed quickly and effectively. No significant technical input from your IT teams is required – and you won’t need data scientists to configure the system.

Intelligent Asset Management is a core element of all our Integrated Facilities Management and Total Facilities Management packages
All of our customers benefit from our market-leading asset and facilities management decision-making tools.

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