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and transition

The success of a customer account often depends on the quality of the Mobilisation and Transition period. That’s why our specialist teams are dedicated to always delivering a ‘soft landing’ for service change. We consistently deliver successful large-scale projects, regularly in highly complex and regulated environments.

Our industry-leading values-led approach and processes is successful because it supports the team and customer through an effective and risk optimised transition process.

We follow a Prince 2 methodology as standard and comply with BS8829:2014 Transition of Facility Related Services.

One team

Our “one team” approach fuses service teams, knowledge systems and technology into a common platform that operates across all aspects of our customers’ estates. We engage with a wide range and industry specialists of supplier partners to ensure our services are seamlessly transitioned from the outset of a new customer account. Meanwhile, the assurance of BS8829:2014 accreditation guarantees a comprehensive, transparent and effective process.

Every mobilisation programme has a dedicated Senior Mobilisation Manager. All our team members are highly experienced in Facilities Services operations and mobilisation, plus we are accredited by the Association of Project Management and Change Management (APM).

Data security

Data and analytics are vital to the success of all faciliites solutions, so our approach has clear pathways and processes for managing the safe, comprehensive and GDPR-compliant transfer of personnel and operational data.

Stringent and transparent risk management

We run stringent and transparent risk management processes led by your Senior Mobilisation Manager. They start with the identification and analysis of potential risks, through collaborative consultation with your team and our experts. Once risks are identified and categorised, mitigation plans are defined and collaboratively approved with you.

We identify owners of each risk and mitigation action and monitor progress to agreed close-out dates. Throughout the Mobilisation & Transition process, ‘amber’ and ‘red’ risks are highlighted to your senior management team and closely monitored. We’re proud to say that the result is a 100% Mobilisation success record.

Supporting people

TUPE transfers have a real impact on the people moving to a new employer. Over 20 years we’ve developed a compassionate, highly effective and people-centric approach. It focuses on early, open and consistent communication and consultation.

We arrange townhall sessions for all joining employees early in the process, where we explain the new service and the change process. Every joining employee is assigned a ‘Buddy’, who is their main contact point in our Mobilisation & Transition and with whom they review and check their understanding of their terms of employment. Our aim is to ensure everyone fully understands their role and how joining EMCOR UK will enhance their work-life balance.

We aim to ensure every joining employee can gain full access to our class-leading employee benefits, so we make sure they know how to use our award-winning technology including the Connect employee engagement app and our Flex benefits platform.

Cultural immersion

We are proud of our unique values-led culture, so during the Mobilisation phase, we implement an initial cultural immersion programme to familiarise transferring employees with our values and behaviours. Then, in the Transition phase, we continue to deliver a collaborative cultural change plan that engages employees in our values and ways of working to ensure they’re able to deliver the results and standards you expect.

Over 20 years our carefully planned process has resulted in:

  • 100% TUPE transfer success rate
  • Zero tribunal claims

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BS8829:2014 Gold standard for contract
Transition Management Delivers:

  • Confidence in an assured, comprehensive and structured process
  • Minimal disruption and operational risk with smooth and timely transition (people, infrastructure, data)
  • Team buy-in, retention and engagement in new processes and standards
  • Transparency and reporting
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