Maintaining high-performing,
productive & sustainable
workplaces for our customers

We believe that the UK facilities management industry has an unparalleled opportunity to step up.

It's the right time to reimagine the workplace, to deliver dynamic, progressive, technology and human-centric solutions. As well as bringing together workplace, wellbeing, authentic employee engagement, net-zero sustainable business and true productivity gains.

As the UK’s most authoritative facilities management provider; we deliver high-performance, sustainable facilities management, asset services and strategic workplace solutions. This is often in highly regulated and complex environments – and it all begins with collaboration.


Our purpose, every day, is to create a better world at work for everyone.




Our unique collaborative and data-enabled approach unlocks the potential and wellbeing of people and workplaces, creating sustainable long-term advantage for our customers and the people who work in the spaces we manage. We’re proud to be the first facilities management company worldwide to achieve ISO 44001 for collaboration.

Safety and Compliance

We consistently achieve the highest standards for Health, Safety and Compliance in the UK Facilities Management market. Our safety culture is leading in the industry, all our activities are planned, monitored and completed safely.

The most important thing we do every day is make sure all our people are safe and healthy – no matter where they are. That’s why we work tirelessly to protect everyone we work and partner with, as part of our mission to create A Better World at Work.

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At its heart, Facilities Management is about creating and sustaining workplaces that improve people’s lives, productivity, and prospects. Whether they’re colleagues, customers, people visiting a managed site, or the communities impacted by our work.

We do all we can to support and develop the wellbeing of our 4,000+ colleagues. We take a preventative risk-based approach to workplace health and safety, we constantly update our people policies to optimise their impact on family life, financial security, skills, and prospects.

Supply and Partner Networks

When we select supply chain partners, we have one question: will they help us provide our customers with the best possible facilities management solutions?

We insist all our supply chain partners complete a comprehensive supplier assessment to ensure their culture, operational policies and procedures are of the highest standards and align with ours. Our supply chain management team continually reviews and benchmarks partners against other providers and UK market performance standards.

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Sustainability and Social Value

We are committed to Environmental, Social and Governance, that’s why we’ve set out clear Business Responsibility initiatives. This approach is set out in EMCOR UK’s Sustainability Report.

Our commitment to create “A better world at work” has two meanings. First, to make EMCOR UK a better place for all colleagues, partners and customers. Second, to help drive forward social and environmental agendas to preserve the planet and promote a fair, inclusive and respectful society.

Mobilisation and Transition

The success of a customer account often depends on the quality of the Mobilisation and Transition period. That’s why our specialist teams are dedicated to always delivering a ‘soft landing’ for service change. We consistently deliver successful large-scale projects in highly complex and regulated environments.

Our industry-leading values-led approach and processes are successful because they support the team and customer through an effective and risk optimised transition process.

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From information management digital solutions to information security, to using data seamlessly, we are dedicated to operating at peak efficiency and maximum security on behalf of all our customers.

Our bespoke information management digital solutions keep facilities operating efficiently. An ecosystem of digital capability provides a comprehensive view of every aspect of facility data, including analytics, operational delivery, work management, compliance management, smart property and energy systems, asset management and workplace engagement solutions.

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