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At its heart, Facilities Management is about creating and sustaining workplaces that improve people’s lives, productivity, and prospects. Whether they’re colleagues, customers, people visiting a managed site, or the communities impacted by our work.

We do all we can to support and develop the wellbeing of our 4,000+ colleagues. We take a preventative risk-based approach to workplace health and safety, we constantly update our people policies to optimise their impact on family life, financial security, skills, and prospects.

Better wellbeing

Our goal is to create greater wellbeing awareness, self-management, and support in six key areas:

  • Lifestyle – nutrition, hydration, sleep and avoiding health risks
  • Clinical Health – proactively preventing injury and chronic illness
  • Mental health – raising awareness, removing stigma, and building resilience
  • Psychological safety – monitoring and building equity, fairness, and care in our workplace
  • Decent work - creating opportunities for personal progress and enrichment
  • Financial – helping people live the fullest possible life and develop financial security, confidence, and freedom

Our team members across the country collaborate to develop industry-leading wellbeing policies, initiatives, and interventions.


Together as one we created the award-winning Boost mental health and resilience education and skills development programme, as well as our unique ‘6 ways to wellbeing’ initiative.

This programme helps people enhance their own and colleagues’ wellbeing, inclusion, psychological safety, and performance.

6 ways to wellbeing



Talk & listen, be there, feel connected


be active

Do what you can, enjoy what you do, move your mood



Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food


take notice

Remember the simple things that give you joy


keep learning

Embrace new experiences, see opportunities, surprise yourself



Your time, your words, your presence

Making a positive change to health and wellbeing at work

Measuring wellbeing

We measure our organisation’s wellbeing via 17 indicators and are proud to have seen an increase of 12.5% since January 2021.

Our commitment
We are committed to building a sustainable, fair, and constantly improving people-centric service for our customers and stakeholders. We’re adopting the very best practices to enable an authentic, inclusive, and diverse culture and are proud to be working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Read our sustainability report

Our Creating Balance programme features 40 initiatives to actively monitor and develop equality, diversity, and inclusion. These include:

  • Real Living wage: as a Recognised Service Provider of the Living Wage Foundation, we commit to paying the Real Living Wage
  • Salary finance scheme: employees can consolidate and mitigate the impact of high interest rates on their debt
  • Gender equality education schemes: ensuring every colleague understands our diversity goals and how they create and protect diversity, equality, and inclusion
  • Enhanced parental support programmes: employees can spend quality and care time with their children and family members
  • Armed Forces covenant: employment support for members of the British armed services
A better place to work

We are proud that we have some of the lowest staff turnover rates in UK Facilities Management industry. It’s no accident. For a decade now, we’ve been building a values-based workplace culture, supported by high quality communication, development opportunities and employee benefits.

We measure our progress via engagement statistics such as absence, sickness, turnover and recommendation levels, and conduct regular surveys to assess the sentiments, wellbeing, and issues that matter.

Our four core values underpin our cultural DNA and inform our strategies, behaviours, and performance at every level:

468256127-asset-9-2x.pngPeople Who Care

We care about every life we touch: our colleagues, customers, supply chain partners and the communities we work with. Long-term, sustainable success and positive impact depends on truly inclusive environments and ways of working that ensure dignity, fairness, opportunity, and respect.

468256131-asset-10-2x.pngSafe & Secure

We’re committed to creating the safest and most secure environments, teams, experiences, and outcomes. We never compromise on physical safety, mental wellbeing, personal, commercial or cyber-security. Everyone we work with is entitled to a safe workplace, where we can work without harming ourselves or others.

468256137-asset-11-2x.pngTogether as One

Collaboration is at the heart of our culture, shaping how we work with each other, our partners, and our customers. We were the first facilities management in the world to achieve the BS 11000 collaborative business relationships standard and one of the first six companies around the globe to achieve ISO 44001, the international standard for collaborative business relationship management.

468256143-asset-12-2x.pngActive & Ambitious

We act with energy and ambition, evolving and responding to our customers’ needs. Creating a sustainable and successful business means balancing our immediate response with longer-term actions; investing in innovation and nurturing new ideas and concepts to ensure we constantly raise our standards, impacts and performance.


Our wellbeing awards & accreditations

Winner of the Recognised Service Provider Champion award in 2022

Our wellbeing awards & accreditations

11 RoSPA awards for health and safety in 2022

Our wellbeing awards & accreditations

Winner of the IWFM award for employee wellbeing in 2020

Our wellbeing awards & accreditations

BSC International Safety Award winner in 2022

Our wellbeing awards & accreditations

BSI Standards User Award Winner, Business Performance Improvement in 2022





Better benefits

list1.pngFlex benefits platform

Our award-winning Flex app allows employees (and their families) to access a range of support tools, including healthy living tips, our employee assistance programme, debt management schemes, and more. The app is attracting more and more sign ups every week and is now a vital communications lifeline with our colleagues across the country, many of whom work outside normal office hours, or are mobile with no fixed base.

list1.pngFlexible holiday scheme

This scheme gives EMCOR UK employees the opportunity to offset salary in return for up to 5 additional holiday days every year.

list1.pngParent/carer-friendly flexible hours

We’re committed to helping working parents and caregivers stay fully employed and engaged in the workplace. That’s why we allow managers and staff the discretion to flex their working hours. It means working parents can pick up and drop off their children at school or nursery, and carers can look after their loved ones.

list1.pngMaternity, paternity, and surrogacy support

Our maternity scheme allows new mums up to a year away from work, with 26 weeks full pay, 13 weeks Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), and a further 13 weeks unpaid. Fathers get an industry-leading 6 weeks full pay, while in the event of a pregnancy loss (including terminations) we offer 2 weeks paid leave for both parents. And now, our new Surrogacy and Adoption Policy is there to support couples when a new child joins their household.


list1.pngTraining and apprenticeships

We offer over 500 training courses, accessed via our online portal or via classroom-based learning. Modules cover Health & Safety, specialist technical skills, sustainability, mental health & resilience, and key account management skills. Also, each year we employ 25 apprentices to receive on-the-job training, picking up valuable experience, skills and confidence while actively contributing to our success.

list1.pngMulti-media communication

To ensure our colleagues feel connected, informed, and supported we use video, physical mail-outs, emails, drop-in briefings, communication via our Flex Benefits platforms, and regular in-person manager briefings.

list1.pngHybrid working

We offer all our office-based support and management teams the chance to establish the pattern of in-office and remote working that suits them, their families, and their work objectives.


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