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From information management digital solutions to information security, to using data seamlessly, we are dedicated to operating at peak efficiency and maximum security on behalf of all our customers.

Bespoke digital solutions

Our bespoke information management digital solutions keep facilities operating efficiently. An ecosystem of digital capability provides a comprehensive view of every aspect of facility data, including analytics, operational delivery, work management and permitting, compliance management, smart property and energy systems, asset management and workplace engagement solutions.

The benefits include reduced cost and risk, enhanced user experience, improved data insight and compliance assured delivery. The ecosystem can be fully deployed as an industry-leading facilities management system, or in a modular and flexible way to integrate with your existing solution. Our systems integration and development capability is straightforward thus requiring no core systems.

Intelligent Asset Solutions

Our bespoke asset analytics capability takes a structured, systemised, data-led approach. We can analyse, compare, trend and deliver necessary changes to your asset maintenance plans. This structured, systemised approach ensures that the correct proactive maintenance is being applied to all assets, ensuring both compliance and alignment to strategic maintenance plans.

Field force work management

To manage both planned and unplanned maintenance activities, we developed a customised app to provide engineers with the information they need to complete tasks and track improvements. We can then match job tasks to available resources, estimate and obtain approval of costs, establish priorities, and initiate maintenance activities.

Benefits of which include

  • Tracking tools to enable detailed analysis of resources, materials, equipment use and costs
  • A helpdesk, which is a customer-managed Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system
  • Managing and monitoring all asset deployments, specifications, calibration, costing, and tracking
  • Tracking asset details, locations, work, cost history
  • Planning inventory to meet your maintenance demand precisely, with particular emphasis on spares for critical assets
  • Defining service offerings, so we can align our services to your business needs and monitor service level delivery to ensure commitments are met
One Data World

We have developed One Data World. It’s better because it’s a single portal that provides data and metrics across the entire digital estate for your properties, bringing together transactional, service performance and building metrics into one central data repository. It means we’re able to visualise data through Al and science-based analytics, draw insights and identify where further action is required if there are areas for improvement. One Data World turns data into knowledge, knowledge into insight, and insight into action. Most importantly, it puts all the information in your hands, so you can make informed data-led decisions across your entire estate.

And as your business needs evolve, objectives change, and new data sources emerge it can be adapted and scaled to keep pace. The portal manages real-time feeds or manual uploads via a configurable suite of dashboards, with insights and action recommendations tailored to complex and highly regulated asset environments. Meanwhile, robust data management and governance ensures data quality and assurance, and protects critical data from misuse or unauthorised access.

The One Data World MS Cloud layer is

  • protected by secure, unique encrypted keys
  • able to consolidate, quality assure, manage and filter multiple data streams
  • straightforward and requires no core systems or date re-configuration.
Predictive failure analytics

Using operational data from 15 years of maintenance activities and analysing over one billion discrete pieces of data, we use Al and machine learning to create a suite of predictive failure models.

These models predict which assets will require maintenance in the next 1, 3 and 6 months. This allows you to take a risk based view of asset maintenance, while integration with our asset management suite highlights any potential impending failures so that pro-active maintenance can be carried out.

A better workplace experience

Our single end user app, AXIS provides a one-stop-shop for all services and information within the workplace and improves engagement, usage and ultimately user satisfaction. It offers facility news, service requests, catering requests, visitor management and resource booking.

Information Security

Ensuring our data and systems are safe and secure is something we take very seriously. Our rigorous approach to protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our digital solutions is underpinned by our ISO/IC 27001:2013 (Information Security) and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications. We raise the awareness of information security to all our employees and supply chain partners through training, and through our governance ensure we understand the controls established for our entire delivery ecosystem. Our team of highly experienced information security professionals ensure our digital solutions are highly secure and align with industry best practice. We are committed to safe, secure deployment of technology deployed to support our work delivery capability, data analytics, smart building solutions, or technology to enhance control of operational technology.

Business Continuity

Whatever scenario or incident occurs, our approach to business continuity ensures that all of our functions, services, and systems remain available. Our customers, employees and supply chain partners can rest assured that we have a robust business continuity management system (BCMS) in place to handle disruptions and disasters. Our accreditation to the international standard for business continuity ISO 22301 (Security and Resilience) underpins our commitment by protecting against and reducing the impact of business disruption incidents. We have a well-developed, structured and rehearsed set of incident response plans and our employees are trained to understand their roles and responsibilities in the event of an unexpected incident.

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