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Bringing to life the workplaces of tomorrow

Seismic change is underway in our workplaces. Demand for new ways of working, interacting, engaging and collaborating is greater than ever before. Working environments must respond to a broader spectrum of needs. And the digital revolution has shifted what is possible to a whole new level. All of this means that workplaces must be reinvented to keep pace with the fast-moving needs and expectations of employers and their people. It’s time for a different approach.

Our Workplace suite of next generation organisational design and development tools and solutions is the step-change needed to bring to life the workplace of tomorrow.

We combine extensive facilities expertise with the latest thinking on workplace design. An optimised workplace fosters a culture of positivity, productivity and purpose: it can transform your business.

Strategic design and discovery

First, we build an understanding of your business needs, existing practices and aspirations. We use employee experience analytics and cognitive assessments to test the impact of work environments on behaviour and performance. We analyse how your work spaces are used, monitor environmental conditions and building performance, and review the lifespan and condition of your buildings and assets. Our evidence-based approach generates insights and recommendations for your unique workplace transformation.


Expert delivery

We leverage our facilities management expertise, technical know-how and change management capabilities to deliver transformative new workplaces and processes designed specifically for your organisation. From design and strategy through to relocation management and fit out, we understand the specific infrastructure and systems involved - lighting, heating, ventilation, indoor air quality, biophilia and regulations. All of this impacts the workplace. Used effectively, it will ensure your people thrive.

Responsive evaluation

Continual monitoring and refinement is vital to success – so we produce evidence-based, actionable insights as conditions change as well as periodic strategic reviews and ROI assessments. Using AI and our dynamic resource allocation system, we track occupancy rates and outcomes, a fast response to changes in conditions and workforce strategies.

Long term partnership

As a genuinely people-centric business, we have a wealth of expertise in wellbeing, high performance culture, collaboration, motivation and creating psychologically safe workplaces. We are also committed to active partnership with our customers – planning, reviewing, and implementing changes to workplaces with a long-term perspective, and sharing our extensive experience of the most productive, modern, sustainable and ground-breaking workplaces, processes, and cultures.

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