Front of House

From the moment a visitor walks into a facility, EMCOR UK is hard at work helping to make sure the experience is memorable and exceptional. Companies know the importance of first impressions and EMCOR UK knows the importance of maintaining a company’s brand and reputation.

iStock-170030258.jpgCustomised Plans

Through our bespoke front-of-house services, EMCOR UK delivers services that can be tailored for each individual customer, or for each individual building within a customer’s portfolio—managed by an Account Lead dedicated solely to help ensure your needs are met.

We work with customers to create a consistent and efficient customer journey, where each interaction and touch point is considered, planned, and designed. This means that each customer truly benefits from a unique and customised solution.

EMCOR UK’s front of house services are truly unique, delivering engaging, professional amenities that add continual customer value—both today and in the future.

EMCOR UK takes the time to understand each customer. We collaborate extensively with you to understand what services are needed and how they should be executed.

From reception and concierge services to helpdesk and facilities support, EMCOR UK can tailor any program for you.

Our front of house services includes:

  • Reception and concierge services
  • Event management
  • Helpdesk and facilities support
  • Secretarial functions
  • Switchboard and call services
  • Meeting room management
  • Dry cleaning/laundry arrangements
  • Car valeting
  • Restaurant and taxi bookings
  • Flowers and sweets at reception desk

Exceptional Training For An Exceptional Staff

EMCOR UK recruits and trains the staff needed to deliver the services a company requires. Applicants are put through a series of competency based interviews and role plays. Once the final candidates are selected, an extensive training plan is put into place which includes customer service training specifically tailored to the customer’s requirements.

EMCOR UK also develops standard operating procedures and an appearance policy designed to ensure a consistent, high-level of service across all buildings.

Ongoing Improvement

To help ensure the EMCOR UK team is operating as efficiently as possible, we audit services through our “Management By Walking Around” program. Managers spend a part of their time walking around an office or facility and listening to staff problems and ideas. The program also enables managers to identify potential service failures or building problems.

We also conduct various surveys to quantify how well a business is performing from a customer’s point of view. Feedback and suggestions are then actioned to improve the customer’s expectations.

From first impressions to lasting impressions, EMCOR UK’s front-of-house team can deliver exactly what you need.

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