One Data World

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A clear view

One Data World – our innovative technology engine is a platform which, through a seamless experience, generates value and delivers insights. Designed to unlock the value of data in one single, easy to use view of your facilities operations, even across fragmented data ecosytems.

The platform is adapted to your evolving needs, with a suite of dashboards configured to drive rapid insight-led decision making for your facilities, assets, and buildings. In turn, this enables optimised facilities operations performance, maximises workplace experiences and delivers sustainable value. The platform is customer centric and adaptable to your evolving business needs opening the door to new possibilities.

Through data convergence One Data World delivers data led insight at speed - transparent, trustworthy and accessible. People across your business can collaborate together, access real time information, breaks down silos and share knowledge. Improving facilities performance, workplace customer satisfaction, indoor air and environmental quality, reducing both waste and greenhouse gas emissions. This is only the beginning in connecting data wherever it sits to unlock hidden value.

Available as part of an Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) or Total Facilities Management (TFM) package, One Data World is fully supported by our experts – allowing you to fully unlock the potential of your data.

Integrated analytics

An agnostic platform, One Data World provides a data integration layer which consolidates all your non-integrated data sources – even from low quality legacy systems. It includes a data lake which is configurable to multiple feeds. Solid data governance protocols guarantee data saliency and quality. One Data World is built on a Microsoft stack, with SharePoint and MS Cloud built onto Power BI. Resultantly, this creates data-driven insights across all of your Energy, Projects, Work, Asset and Facilities operations, providing a simple and intuitive access experience.

Fully customisable

One Data World can be adapted and scaled over time to meet the changing needs of your people, workplace and your business. Its inherent customisability provides solid future proofing - even as data sources proliferate across an estate or portfolio. Your data can be brought into One Data World through real-time feeds or manually loaded at intervals using the One Data World Portal. The portal provides a configurable suite of dashboards, with insights and action recommendations tailored to complex and highly regulated asset environments.


One Data World securely handles multiple data streams, which it consolidates, quality assures, manages and filters – creating a fast-track route to compliant, cross-portfolio analysis.

We ensure data management and governance across One Data World ensuring data quality and assurance, and protecting critical data from misuse, or unauthorised access.

We are Cyber Essentials Plus accredited. One Data World’s MS Cloud layer is protected by secure, unique encrypted keys. We practice regular penetration testing and are ISO 27001 accredited.

Flexible implementation

How we implement One Data World is fully based on your unique workplace requirements, technology strategy, operational processes and your existing legacy data. Because we don’t require core systems integration - or any data re-configuration - One Data World has no impact on your core IT. If preferred, your IT team don’t even have to be directly engaged in deployment and management, and all decisions can be passed to them for vetting. You are supported by a dedicated Performance Manager, to help you organise the platform to match your existing data ecosystem and security considerations. As a result, this real-world platform, One Data World is simple to deploy and extracts maximum value.

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