One Data World

empowering decisions

A clear view

One Data World is a single platform which seamlessly brings together all your multiple data sources to create one, easy-to-use view of your operations.

Designed and configured to match your evolving needs, One Data World presents an accurate, joined-up viewpoint via a suite of dashboards.

This enables faster, insight-led decision-making for your facilities, assets, and buildings; it also makes it possible to optimise facilities performance, enhance workplace experiences and build sustainable value.

Opening the door to new possibilities

By presenting transparent, accurate and trusted data, One Data World empowers people across your business, encouraging effective collaboration and knowledge sharing and breaking down silos. This new, more informed way of working can reveal powerful ways to make positive change, from improving facilities performance and reducing waste and emissions to enhancing employee comfort and customer satisfaction in key areas such as indoor air quality.

Available as part of an Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) or Total Facilities Management (TFM) package, One Data World is fully supported by our experts – allowing you to fully unlock the potential of your data.

One data viewpoint

An agnostic platform, One Data World provides a data integration layer which consolidates all your non-integrated data sources – even from low quality legacy systems – and is configurable to multiple feeds. One Data World is built on a Microsoft stack, with SharePoint and MS Cloud built onto Power BI. Solid data governance protocols guarantee data saliency and quality and, thanks to one consolidated view, data-driven insights across all your Carbon, Projects, Work, Asset and Facilities operations become possible.

Fully customisable

As your business needs evolve, objectives change, and new data sources emerge across your estate or portfolio: One Data World can be adapted and scaled to keep pace. The One Data World Portal manages real-time feeds or manual uploads via a configurable suite of dashboards, with insights and action recommendations tailored to complex and highly regulated asset environments.

Secure and compliant

Protecting your data is crucial. Robust data management and governance across One Data World ensures data quality and assurance, and protects critical data from misuse or unauthorised access. The One Data World MS Cloud layer is protected by secure, unique encrypted keys. And because One Data World consolidates, quality assures, manages and filters multiple data streams, it also creates a fast-track route to compliant, cross-portfolio analysis.


Ease of implementation

Implementation of One Data World is straightforward and quickly enables maximum value from your data sources to be realised. Accommodating your unique workplace requirements, technology strategy, operational processes and existing legacy data, our dedicated Performance Manager works with you to organise the platform to match your existing data ecosystem and security considerations.

Implementing One Data World requires no core systems integration or data re-configuration.


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