Route Zero

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A road map to a sustainable Net Zero world

For many organisations, achieving Net Zero is an overwhelming challenge.

We tackle the challenge with you, addressing the complexities for your organisation and building a bespoke Route Zero strategy which delivers energy efficiency and carbon reduction across your entire building portfolio. 

Benefits include a positive environmental impact, cost reduction, and a return on investment.

Leading edge environmental expertise

Working in partnership with environmental consultancy Verco - an award-winning energy management and sustainability business - we combine facilities solutions and end-to-end engineering excellence with environmental impact strategy, data-driven insight and real-world solutions. Route Zero is a proven way to make a difference.

By transforming building and asset performance knowledge into data-led insights, and intelligent action, the way forward is revealed. Through our One Data World platform, we align class-leading analytics expertise with our extensive capabilities in facilities, asset management and engineering solutions. Route Zero is overseen by Verco’s team of carbon experts and energy specialists. Together, we create the optimal strategic mix to deliver real and lasting sustainable impacts.

We are with you throughout your Route Zero journey, making sure deployment stays simple and that strategy, monitoring, procurement, facilities solutions and funding options are all aligned to your strategic objectives and business needs.

The right strategy for you

Any journey to Net Zero must start with an expert analysis of your current energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from across your buildings and workplaces. We measure scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions across all your facilities, buildings, HVAC and infrastructure. In turn, a baseline is set which allows us to create a strategy that’s uniquely aligned to your business and operational requirements, and your carbon reduction targets - ensuring compliance with all regulatory standards. We recommend the best Renewable Guarantee of Origin (REGO) backed alternative energy sources for your business and reassess all current and planned carbon offsetting solutions.

Funding solutions are also provided including: upfront investment for energy saving projects (EPC), Revolving Green Fund (RGF) rebates, and Power Purchase Agreements with capital-investment-free power generation installation.

The three-stage process

AIM for Zero defines the roadmap to achieving Net Zero through strategic assessment, practical advice and planning - making positive impacts through energy efficiency.

  •  Understanding climate risks
  •  Setting ambitious targets
  •  Developing Net Zero plans

DELIVER for Zero sets out achievable targets, leveraging our expertise in energy management, asset management, energy procurement, and capital investment solutions (including advice on investment funds and grants).

  •  Bottom-up carbon and energy delivery plans and projects
  •  Data solutions to optimise efficiency
  •  Stakeholder training

REPORT for Zero assures progress is measured accurately; with independently verified monitoring, managing, and reporting protocols which meet all new carbon disclosure requirements.

  •  Value chain reporting solutions
  •  Tracking performance and providing insights
  •  Meeting requirements of voluntary and mandatory reporting
Measurement & verification

Understanding where you are on your journey isn’t easy. Our cloud-based agnostic data platform, One Data World, pulls information from multiple sources into a flexible data capture engine. This data-led approach provides ongoing sensor-driven performance monitoring, data management and reporting solutions including automated and bespoke control strategies for BMS and HVAC.

Intuitive dashboards and recommendations make carbon performance a measurable management priority and enables simple, accurate and fully compliant disclosure. Route Zero supports the UK Government’s Net Zero targets and is fully aligned to both The Paris Agreement and UN Global Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) upgrade and procurement solutions support enhanced performance and reduced total cost. We operate a sustainability dashboard across our supply chain - monitoring, assuring and elevating sustainability standards with our supply partners.

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