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Integrating buildings, systems and workplace performance

Smart Campus makes the complex simple using intelligent networked technology. Building systems for workplace occupancy, HVAC, BMS, lighting, security, fire detection and suppressant, indoor air quality, utility meters and energy management all converge into one single networked infrastructure. Continual analysis of the data is then used to improve building efficiency, reduce energy usage, decarbonise and optimise the environment and dramatically improve user experience.

Designed by facilities technology and data experts, Smart Campus can be deployed across your portfolio, including the most complex environments. Our customers use it to optimise wellbeing, efficiency, resilience and safety. And because Smart Campus is highly adaptable to changing demands, you’ll benefit from enhanced performance and compliance across your facilities and buildings.

Actionable data

By continuously streaming data from multiple devices, IoT sensors, systems and services, Smart Campus becomes a single, connected ecosystem which is constantly updated in real time. Using AI and machine learning to power insights, ensure efficient building performance, and enable automated service scheduling, Smart Campus makes certain your buildings are sensitive, intuitive to the needs of users and responsive.

Intelligent networked buildings unlock multiple benefits
  • Reduced power usage
  • Dramatically improved energy efficiency
  • Detect and correct problems and anomalies
  • Automatic adjustment of indoor air flows, temperature and humidity
  • Sensitivity to occupancy density and the needs of users
  • Automated scheduling e.g. parking spaces, desks, hospitality, room assignments
Entirely bespoke

By bringing together best-in-class technologies, automation and data reporting solutions, with Smart Campus you will benefit from a fully integrated, flexible and adaptable solution to match your current and future environment, goals and aspirations.

Data integrity assured

Smart Campus is powered by our industry-leading data platform, One Data World, providing enhanced data governance protocols, compliance standards, and advanced publishing and analytics services. We transform fragmented, multi-stakeholder input into high value data assets – accessible via customised dashboards, alerts and recommendations based on real time data flows.

Comprehensive and adaptable
  • Smart BMS and HVAC monitoring and management
  • Smart Legionnaire monitoring and response
  • Smart Cleaning monitoring and management
  • Smart user tools to enable rapid responsive maintenance
  • Smart building performance management
  • Smart utility metering
  • Smart energy management
  • Smart visitor management / security

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