Smart Campus

a flexible solution

Taming complexity

Smart Campus is a digitally enabled solution which integrates buildings, systems and workplace performance through networked technology. Creating an active ecosystem, Smart Campus makes the complex simple by converging building wide systems - workplace occupancy, HVAC, BMS, Lighting, Security, Fire Detection and suppressant, indoor air quality, utility meters and energy management into one single networked infrastructure. Continual analysis of data from multiple feeds improves building efficiency, reducing energy usage, decarbonising the environment and dramatically improving the user experience through optimal environmental controls. Smart Campus is an automated intelligent building solution that reimagines your workplaces and facilities solutions through networked technology.

Smart Campus is supported by our facilities, tech and data specialists - making it easy to deploy and use. Designed to be implemented in the most complex of environments, Smart Campus collects actionable data from devices, sensors, systems and services and creates one connected ecosystem. Using AI and deep machine learning to power insights, ensure efficient building performance and enable automated service scheduling, Smart Campus makes your buildings programmable, adaptable, sensitive and intuitive to the needs of users.

Intelligent networked buildings are the future - lower power use, dramatically more energy efficient improving the detection and rectification of anomalies and intrusion, automatically adjusting indoor air flows, temperature and humidity to dynamically respond to occupancy density and the needs of users. With automated scheduling from parking spaces to desk options, from hospitality to conference room assignment, Smart Campus drives productivity, comfort and user experiences.

Bridging the divides

Smart Campus brings together disparate building systems and technology , data streams and facilities services into a single eco-system of solutions - all connected and managed via our core processes and platforms. The breadth and depth of our expertise allows us to design, cost, source, quality assure and integrate multiple building systems and technology providers - delivering a networked scalable solution. Smart Campus creates a holistic single view from an eco-system of Internet of things (IoT) sensors, data-streams, and reporting solutions, which can be configured across the full range of building infrastructure, systems and environments Smart Campus is a powerful ecosystem for wellbeing, efficiency, resilience and safety. Adaptable to changing demands generating enhanced performance and compliance of your facilities and buildings.

Tailored to you

Whatever your estate, your strategies, and your needs, every Smart Campus solution is entirely bespoke. We use our proven in-house expertise build a networked smart ecosystem to align with your needs and future requirements. We bring our best together to enable best in class technologies, automation and data reporting solutions into a fully integrated, flexible and adaptable package.

Data integrity assured

Smart Campus is powered by our industry-leading data platform, One Data World, providing enhanced data governance protocols, compliance standards, and advanced publishing and analytics services. It’s able to deal with fragmented, multi-stakeholder input, and transform it into high value data assets – accessible via customised dashboards, alerts and recommendations based on real time data flows.

Flexible solutions

Smart Campus delivers configurable, networked eco-system solutions, including:

  • Smart BMS and HVAC monitoring and management
  • Smart Legionnaire monitoring and response
  • Smart Cleaning monitoring and management
  • Smart user tools to enable rapid responsive maintenance
  • Smart building performance management
  • Smart utility metering
  • Smart energy management
  • Smart visitor management / security

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