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Creating a better world at work

Many organisations are actively considering how, when and where their workplaces are used, and how much space is needed. Key factors such as changing work patterns, environmental responsibilities, effective recruitment and retention, physical and mental wellbeing, cost efficiency, productivity and sustainability are all driving rapid change. We help you respond to all of these challenges with an evidence-based workplace strategy.

We are creating a better world at work by designing workplaces which align with a common vision and can adapt as the world changes.

We find new ways to enhance the performance of your teams, deliver better experiences, and create positive outcomes for your stakeholders – today and looking forwards. This is about transforming your workplace into a destination of choice where people thrive.

Today our innovative solutions, backed-up with powerful data-led insights, are enabling a new generation of responsive workplace. These environments are enhancing experiences, improving engagement and collaboration, and providing modern workspaces which are productive, smart, secure and sustainable.

Making space for people to thrive

Introducing our proven workplace solution - ‘Work by EMCOR UK’. Our bespoke, evidence-based strategies and solutions deliver responsive workplace strategy and design for all workplace stakeholders. These are built by our industry-experts who fully integrate with our sustainability, strategic planning and project management teams.

As your organisation adapts to changing patterns of hybrid working and ongoing financial and operational pressures, our suite of Work solutions can provide both the strategic and practical solutions to your changing and evolving needs.



organisation in the world to be accredited with ISO
45003:2021 Occupational Health and Safety
Management-Psychological health and safety at work




Leesman consulting partner




We provide strategic and practical solutions to help you reshape the function and re-think the performance of your workplaces. We design, plan, and deliver next generation workplace solutions which meet the needs of the diverse teams that work within them.




Our ISO 45003:2021 accreditation reflects our cutting edge approach to psychological safety. We are prioritising both physical and psychological safety in the workplace by ending the stigma around mental health and wellbeing.




We take sustainable outcomes for people, our partners, and the planet very seriously. We apply the highest standards in goal setting, reporting, and compliance, and we are experts in enhancing outcomes for energy efficiency, water usage, waste, and WSA (wellbeing, safety and assurance).



Our workplace expertise is complemented by our partner network of specialist workplace solution providers, and our facilities management, maintenance and project teams. Collaboration is at the heart of our approach, and is how we research, test, and plan next generation workplace solutions with our customers.


   Evidence-based decision-making

Data transparency and accuracy is the foundation for how we work. Data on real-world people and performance outcomes from your workplaces are crucial to realising your workplace vision and achieving operational excellence.    


Our solutions

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Intelligent Asset Management
Intelligent Asset Management

Learn how we evolve data and insight into intelligent action.

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Route Zero
Route Zero

Discover your bespoke route map to reach Net Zero.

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Explore our suite of next generation design and development solutions.

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One Data World
One Data World

Explore how we generate value and deliver insights through our innovative technology.

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Smart Campus
Smart Campus

Discover our facilities and asset management solution which makes the complex simple.

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Our services

Our bespoke solutions respond to your unique workplace challenges and are proven to boost talent acquisition, retention and productivity.



  • Workplace project management
  • Dynamic and Intelligent Resource Allocation
  • Capital projects
  • Customer experience
  • Furniture and office equipment audits and sourcing


  • Workplace Audits
  • Space Utilisation Assessment
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Leesman Index functionality and effectiveness
  • Benchmarking vs top performing workplaces worldwide
  • People Engagement Surveys
  • Strategic, commercial and contractual reviews (business strategy, existing leases, building lifespan)
  • Insight assessment and summary


  • Workplace Consultancy and Design
  • Portfolio planning
  • Service design
  • Wellbeing, Safety and Assurance (WSA) strategy
  • Occupancy and Space Utilisation Planning
  • Post Covid Return to Work Solutions

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