better supply
and partner networks

When we select supply chain partners, we have one question: will they help us provide our customers with the best possible facilities management service?

We insist all our supply chain partners complete a comprehensive supplier assessment to ensure their culture, operational policies and procedures are of the highest standards and align with ours.

Better benchmarking

Our supply chain management team continually reviews and benchmarks partners against other providers and UK market performance standards.

We also conduct regular cost monitoring and market testing to assess how competitive our partners are. This continuous process encourages each supply chain partner to deliver constant improvements.

Matched customer needs

At both the tender and contract renewal stage we work to ensure we understand our customers’ requirements so we can deliver a solution that best matches them.

Our customers feel that the quality of our supply chain makes us stand out, as does our ability to demonstrate open and transparent value.


Safe practices are of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we ensure our supply chain is compliant with all safety certification requirements, so customers have the assurance that we only work with robust, safe companies.

All our subcontractors are accredited by the Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme (CH&SA) and SafeContractor, or an acceptable equivalent. In some cases, Partners must demonstrate a commitment to obtain the appropriate accreditations within three months.

Better Carbon Reduction

We've collaborated with Action Sustainability to create a Supply Chain Sustainability dashboard to measure and report on key sustainability metrics.

This enables us to reduce scope 1-3 emissions across value chain in terms of environmental impact and how they create social value.

Leaders in sustainable procurement

By adopting leading industry standards and techniques in sustainable procurement and applying the recommended principles and process of the ISO 20400 standard (Sustainable Procurement), we are leading the way in the field.

We are a founding Partner of the award winning Supply Chain Sustainability School and invite all of our supply chain partners to participate in the School’s learning and development programme.


Our Sustainable Supply Chain Charter:

  • Outlines the baseline standards we expect from all supply chain partners
  • Explains how sustainability is delivered within our procurement activity
  • Communicates the sustainability impacts we want our supply chain to address
  • Explains how partners can support delivery of our sustainability goals
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