Purpose & Values


Our vision or as we like to refer to as our purpose, is to create ‘a better world at work’. It is all about bringing our best together creating a better world at work.


Our values shape and guide the way we work and how we build and maintain positive relationships with our customers, colleagues, supply chain partners. Our values focus on the following areas:

People who care

We care about people first and foremost; every life we touch; our EMCOR UK colleagues, our customers, supply chain partners and all the communities with whom we work.

EMCOR UK’s long-term, sustainable success and positive impact is based upon us creating truly inclusive environments and ways of working that provide genuine dignity, fairness, opportunity and respect for everyone.

As teams and as individuals, we always take responsibility for our consistent high-quality standards, for our absolute integrity, for our selfcare, for how we care for others and for finding ways to continually improve what we do and how we work.

Our approach is dedicated to delivering both immediate value and having the endurance to deliver sustainable positive outcomes, for our customers and everyone in our world.

We are clear that every colleague has a choice about where they work. We strive to make sure that EMCOR UK is the employer of choice, and that our people whole-heartedly recommend us as a place where they can work together, thrive and grow.

Safe & secure

We never compromise on safety or security.

Whether physical safety, mental wellbeing, personal, commercial or cyber-security, we are always focused on creating the most safe and secure environments, teams, experiences and outcomes.

Everyone we work with is entitled to a safe workplace, a place in which we all know how to work without harming ourselves or others.

We pride ourselves on our award-winning safe systems of work, our robust safety and security procedures, and our comprehensive, ever-improving employee education and training.

“Safe & secure” is a cornerstone of our sustainable business practices and success.

Together as one

Collaboration is at the centre of our culture, shaping how we work in our company, with all our partners and our customers.

We pride ourselves on bringing together many different teams and skills, working together seamlessly across locations and contracts for the benefit of our customers.

We build deep, authentic and lasting relationships with our colleagues, our customers, our supply chain partners and our communities.

We achieve this by working in an open, collaborative way, side-by-side with our partners and people, providing the highest-quality and most flexible services that help our customers achieve their business goals.

We constantly aim to lead and inform on best practice in collaboration, setting and raising the standards for collaborative business relationships.

We were the first facilities management (FM) provider to achieve the much-coveted BS 11000 collaborative business relationships standard and we were amongst the first six companies in the world to achieve ISO 44001, the international standard for collaborative business relationship management.

Active & ambitious

Creating a sustainable and successful business is an ongoing process. We act with energy and ambition today, evolving and responding to address our customers’ needs.

Our immediate response is balanced with our longer-term actions; investing in innovation, nurturing new ideas and concepts to ensure we constantly evolve and raise our standards, our impacts and our performance, for the future and for good.

We aim to do this through a truly inclusive, progressive and diverse culture, bringing together a powerful mix of energy, skills and attitudes, through our colleagues, our customers, our partners and every environment or community we operate in.