Annual Sustainability Report 2023

We are committed to creating a better world at work
for customers, individuals and communities.

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Sustainable development and ensuring positive stakeholder impact are
at the heart of our ambition, strategy and our suite of products and services.

Our 2023 Sustainability Report details action and progress made in the year ended 31 December 2022.

Alongside our focus on improving the impact of our own operations, our solutions enable our customers to move toward their own corporate responsibility objectives, amplifying our own contribution to tackling the world’s key sustainability challenges.

Our Sustainability Report 

Read more about the progress we made
in 2022 in our latest Sustainability Report.

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Our approach to sustainability

Our mission is to deliver targeted and sustainable economic, social and environmental benefits in line with our purpose.

Our purpose is to create a better world at work. This means promoting a better workplace for all colleagues across our business and those of our customers and partners. It also means driving forward wider social and environmental agendas to preserve the planet and promote a fair, inclusive and respectful society.

Through various strategies, initiatives and programmes, we are delivering positive change across the organisation. We are making EMCOR UK safer, happier and more inclusive. We are making our customers and supply chain more sustainable too.

Our 2023 carbon reduction plan demonstrates our commitment to achieve Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions across our operations and supply chain.

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Our sustainability framework

Our sustainability framework guides how we create value for our customers and wider stakeholders. It ensures we manage our business responsibly, ethically and progressively.


Through our holistic focus on people, planet and partners, we are driving positive change in many areas. These include health, safety and wellbeing, equity, diversity and inclusion and carbon reduction.

Our framework is underpinned by robust systems, processes, policies and measurement tools. We maintain an industry-leading suite of ISO certifications and trade memberships, demonstrating the rigour of our approach and the credibility of our reporting.



We’re committed to inclusion, safety, wellbeing and collaboration. We endeavour to foster a safe, productive and engaging workplace which delivers for our customers, rewards our colleagues and makes a positive impact on our communities.


We recognise the role we have to play in safeguarding the future of our planet and creating a sustainable world for all life. By improving the environmental impact of our business, as well as that of our customers’ operations, we can make a significant contribution to combating climate change.


External expertise and collaborative partnerships are key to the progress we are making on our sustainability journey. We partner with a range of specialist organisations to provide services, programmes and technology which are creating value for our customers and wider stakeholders.

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Creating social value

Delivering social value is a key part of our work for our customers and wider stakeholders. Working with our customers and their local communities, we strive to understand local needs and ensure that our business and supply chain deliver social value in a way that is targeted, transparent and promotes accountability.


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Sustainability oversight & management

Responsibility for overseeing and managing our sustainability agenda lies with our Executive Leadership Team (ELT). We have a number of groups dedicated to owning specific areas of our framework, with representation from across our organisation.