EMCOR UK has a rich heritage in winning awards that recognise excellence in the key areas of safety and collaborative work with clients.

Through awards - over 60 in the last decade - our consistency of performance and world-class customer service has cemented our reputation as one of the UK’s leading facilities management providers.

Here’s a summary of our award-winning performance in facilities management.

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)

2008 to 2018

Over 50 Awards - Silver, Gold, Gold Medal, President and Sector - recognising EMCOR UK for achieving a high level of performance, whilst demonstrating well developed occupational health and safety management systems and culture, outstanding control of risk, and low levels of error, harm, and loss.

2009, 2017, 2018

RoSPA Sector Award at AWE – three awards recognising EMCOR UK for the best health and safety management performance within the facilities management industry sector for its work at customer AWE.

British Safety Council

2009 – 2019

British Safety Council International Safety Award – six awards recognising commitment to good health, safety, and wellbeing management.

Institute of Collaborative Working (ICW)

2015, 2016

Innovative Collaboration Award - recognising a pioneering approach to collaboration with its Key Account Management programme in 2016 and for new approaches to optimising asset performance and applied technology with customer BAE Systems plc in 2017.


Collaborative Skills Development Award - in recognition of the company’s implementation of the development and training required to build collaborative skills as part of its people development.

Premises and Facilities Management (PFM)

2008 to 2013

Recipient of four PFM Awards recognising the essential requirement of forging effective partnerships in facilities management. Awarded for; innovation, sustainability, achievement, and best practice for customers.