Workplace Design

People are key to a company’s success, so having the right workplace environment plays an important role in enhancing your employees’ productivity and wellbeing.

EMCOR UK understands the importance that workplace design has on business, whether it’s accomplished through small changes to your current office, a refurbishment of an existing building, or by a move to a new facility.

workplace_design.jpgThrough extensive research and experience, we know that good workplace design goes beyond desk layouts and furniture choice and includes the incorporation of elements such as natural daylight, first-class technology, a choice of space (desk, quiet space, informal space, and formal space), indoor air quality, and comforting colour palettes.

Good workplace design is also accomplished by asking questions—and, more importantly, asking the right questions. How do employees use the building? What activities do they perform? Which of those activities are the most important to them in performing their daily jobs? Are they supported in those activities?

By utilising questionnaires and surveys, we understand employee concerns on a fundamental level and we incorporate solutions into our design.

Leesman Consulting Partner

EMCOR UK is the first facilities management company to become a Leesman Consulting Partner.

Leesman gathers data on workplace effectiveness and has created the world’s largest database—over 350,000 employees in 3,000 workplaces across 91 countries. Deploying Leesman surveys enables EMCOR UK to provide customers with clear, data-driven insights into how the entire workplace experience is supporting its occupants.

At the heart of the Leesman Index (performed via an online survey assessing five main areas) is a functionality and effectiveness score, calculated for every workplace measured. This allows EMCOR UK to benchmark customer data against top-performing workplaces to identify key areas for investment and improvement.

From Surveys to Design

Once data has been analysed, EMCOR UK’s design team, using AutoCAD 3D modeling, proposes solutions to the issues discovered during the data-gathering phase. Each design solution takes into account a building’s lifespan, lease requirements, and overall business strategy to help ensure the appropriate level of investment.

Once a design has been selected, EMCOR UK finalises the specifications and presents the solution, along with outline costs, schedules, and timelines to the customer.

Execution and Implementation

Not only can EMCOR UK propose the appropriate workplace design, we can also implement the proposed solution, including all aspects of construction. We provide trained and qualified employees and appoint a project manager who is solely dedicated to the project.

Communication is of the utmost importance and we ensure that the customer is kept informed during all aspects of the project.

If needed, EMCOR UK can also assist with move management services—auditing existing furniture and equipment, preparing a detailed relocation programme, spearheading the physical move, and setting up new or existing furniture in the new space.

An Ongoing Process

The workplace design process should be thought of as an ongoing journey. As businesses change, needs change, and the workplace needs to adapt. EMCOR UK understands this and our data-driven approach gives the opportunity for continual development through benchmarking.

This method of analyzing pre- and post-occupancy allows us to determine a return on investment (ROI) for the project and to help ensure the changing needs of people drive workplace change.

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