Whether you need to provide meals for your employees, a board meeting, or for special customer events, EMCOR UK works collaboratively with customers to create a bespoke, high-quality catering offering. From restaurant- or canteen-style service to the stocking of vending machines, we are the right provider to keep your employees and customers happy – right down to sourcing the finest coffees available.

Nutrition and Sustainability


Designed by professional chefs who work closely with nutritionists, our menus are created with a key focus on health, wellbeing, and nutrition.

EMCOR UK also concentrates on providing a wide range of menu choices to appeal to a varied audience. We pay particular attention to incorporating healthy food, providing good value, and rotating menus to incorporate seasonal produce from local and sustainable suppliers / growers.

Customer Focussed

Using customer surveys and sales tracking, EMCOR UK goes to great measures to help ensure employees and customers enjoy their culinary experience. We strive to deliver the best quality food based on their needs and provide choices that appeal to a broad customer base, including those with healthy, ethical, vegetarian, cultural, and religious dietary requirements.

EMCOR UK also believes it is important that employees and customers have the opportunity to interact with our chef team. Hot meals can be served by the chef who prepared them, allowing for an element of theatre to the servery. Having the chef present dishes also enables the employees and customers to get closer to the provenance of the meal. Chefs talk with passion about the ingredients used and their preparation methods, providing greater insight into the meal.

Employees engage in different work patterns, so it’s important that food service is provided quickly. EMCOR UK is also mindful of queuing and finds solutions for those employees who need a quick turnaround for meals.

Waste Minimisation and Energy Efficiency

By utilising our management reporting systems, EMCOR UK can apply waste minimisation and energy-efficiency strategies to reduce waste disposal. Wherever possible, we find ways to reduce food packaging and remove single-use plastic.

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Case Study

EMCOR UK was asked by this client to propose an alternative solution to their troublesome vendor. Financial accountability was a particular problem and the catering service was poorly regarded by customers.

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