Asset Maintenance

EMCOR UK offers comprehensive maintenance programs designed to efficiently and cost-effectively keep customers’ facilities, systems, and assets functioning at peak performance. Our maintenance strategy combines innovative, data-driven technologies with teams of highly experienced engineers.

Comprehensive Maintenance Services


EMCOR UK has the capabilities and expertise to offer bespoke maintenance programs and services, each tailored to meet our customers’ specific needs and expectations.

We utilise standard and bespoke maintenance regimes and produce readily accessible reports to confirm compliance with the planned statutory and preventative maintenance activities.

We can tailor all maintenance regimes to suit asset criticality, business needs, and assist in addressing age or condition issues.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Planned preventive maintenance
  • Reactive maintenance
  • Condition based maintenance
  • Business focussed maintenance
  • Statutory inspections and building compliance

Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)

Armed with real-time management information, EMCOR UK’s PPM services help optimise the life-span of a building’s assets, while providing customers with the confidence that their facility is compliant with the most up-to-date standards.

Throughout the lifespan of our PPM programs, our team strives to carry out maintenance with minimal disruptions to a customer's operations. Engineers work closely with customers to form detailed schedules and inform them of any visits well in advance, especially for potentially disruptive works such as maintenance on air conditioning units.

Reactive Maintenance

EMCOR UK’s operating model is flexible and prepared to respond to requests for additional works outside of the standard PPM schedules. Reactive maintenance requests are received through our dedicated helpdesk staff who, provide a central point-of-contact for customers, assist with the prioritisation of reactive maintenance requests, help to assure continuity of service, and dispatch the proper response team.

Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)

EMCOR UK also offers CBM services, which move away from a time-based cycle, and triggers maintenance intervention when the need arises by monitoring key indicators of an asset's performance. In order to optimise maintenance and minimise costs, we typically suggest a balanced integration of CBM with PPM services.

This method can significantly reduce the need for PPM shutdowns and confine repair to specific equipment, thereby reducing associated business impact costs.

Business Focussed Maintenance (BFM)

Under this regime, assets are all registered and maintained on an individual basis, maintenance intervals can be adjusted and altered to suit individual assets in accordance with their business criticality.

Statutory maintenance is separately reported to ensure compliance; however, BFM provides an opportunity to focus maintenance on business-critical assets, whilst potentially reducing maintenance on non-critical assets.

This tailoring of the asset maintenance strategy seeks to ensure the PPM resource is aligned with the underlying needs based on the related business risk.

This can be a particular advantage where budgets are tight but business criticality issues remain.

Statutory Inspections (SI) and Building Compliance

At EMCOR UK, we understand that a customer's primary focus is their business and that keeping facilities up to date with continually changing legislative regulations can distract from that focus.

That’s why EMCOR UK incorporates statutory inspections (SI) directly into our PPM programs, providing customers the peace of mind that their buildings are fully compliant. We offer comprehensive statutory compliance reviews, which feature digital access to completed certification, supporting documentation, and recommendations for follow-up or remedial work.

All SI works are separately reported to ensure customers have a clear, real-time picture of their compliance status at any time.

To learn how EMCOR UK’s asset maintenance solutions can be part of an integrated facilities management services offering, contact us today.

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