Strategic Intent

EMCOR UK strives to deliver sustainable value and be admired by those whose lives we touch.

We deliver on this promise by offering programmes and initiatives grouped around five strategic themes: customer, financial, operational excellence, innovation, and our people.



EMCOR UK's mission is to help make our customers' lives easier by delivering world-class facilities management services. We support our mission by adopting internationally recognised models for collaboration in business relationships and customer-specific management techniques. We seek to invest in relationship management at all levels, making sure we fully understand our customers’ drivers, and that we have the people and supply chain to deliver.

Financial / Corporate Governance

EMCOR UK is committed to delivering sustainable value to our customers, employees, and supply partners whilst maintaining financial security. We seek to grow our business profitably by delivering exemplary customer value and maximising the positive aspects of how we interface with society and the environment.

We do this within the context of a company that is wholly owned by EMCOR Group, Inc., a Fortune 500® (NYSE: EME) leader in mechanical and electrical construction, industrial and energy infrastructure, and building services.

EMCOR Group's values, including integrity, transparency, and mutual respect, resonate with EMCOR UK’s values and guide us in the way we conduct our business.

Operational Excellence

EMCOR UK puts safety first. Everyone is empowered to say “stop” if they see an unsafe practice. We encourage a safety culture that records and recognises both positive and negative safety events to facilitate learning.

EMCOR UK will continue to develop and enhance our operating practices across all our service lines. We shall adopt new technologies, train our people, and refine our practices to help ensure we continually strive to deliver “more for less” whilst also considering the added-value services we can offer to assist customer productivity.

EMCOR UK shall seek to minimise waste and the consumption of finite resources either directly or through our supply chain. We shall do this by adopting the same collaborative approach with our suppliers that we do with our customers and requiring that they adopt responsible business practices.


EMCOR UK is focused on continuous improvement, forever trying to add value and drive productivity to higher levels. We have developed, and continue to develop, information-management platforms and applications that give users a sense of control; they inform and provide the basis for action.

They also provide the means by which we can optimise the planning of routine tasks or unplanned events so that we can maximise the uptime of critical facilities, systems, or assets.

Our customers’ businesses and their productivity sits at the heart of our business. EMCOR UK aims to provide facilities that encourage employees to be engaged, productive, and happy in the workplace.

Our People

EMCOR UK cares about our people’s wellbeing, safety, and the recognition and reward they feel while working.

We develop our people. We assess their performance, tailor their development plans, and deliver their training. We promote the view that authority should be delegated to ensure we can deliver an agile response. We believe this also has the positive benefit of enriching the roles of those who work for us.

EMCOR UK promotes fairness, inclusion, and respect across our workforce and underpins our value of integrity. We also have a well-defined and communicated code of business ethics that supports our values and is applied to our supply chain.

We embrace diversity through our Creating Balance Team and are working towards an organisation that has a balanced representation across all levels.