Health and Safety


EMCOR UK will operate safe, healthy, and highly productive workplaces, delivering efficient services to our customers.

1. Safe Workplaces

Guiding Principle


EMCOR UK has an unrelenting focus on helping to ensure that all employees, supply partners, customers, and any other person affected by our work, return home safe and unharmed each day.

Key components of our culture are our Be Vigilant and Be There for Life Zero Injury Program, which connect work activities with a personal understanding of behavioural safety.

In order to reduce and reach our objective of zero injuries, we ask our employees to remain vigilant in identifying potential hazards and reporting them.


EMCOR UK's focus is to build systems, processes, and behaviours that keep health and safety a number one priority— systems that train employees, improve reporting, monitor trends, and encourage improvements that stop accidents from happening.

As well as implementing these systems, we continue to build upon our safety culture through education and behavioural change. We recognise that efforts in this area have had a marked effect on our goal to achieve zero harm.

EMCOR UK was one of the first ten companies globally to achieve ISO 45001 certification. This recognises our continued commitment to maintaining a leading safety management system certified to an international standard.


EMCOR UK's goal is zero injuries. It’s that simple. We strive for zero injuries, every single day of the year. To achieve this, we follow a multi-tiered, integrated approach to safety, designed to educate and inspire employees to work carefully and safely. Our safety goals are also aligned with those of our parent company, EMCOR Group, Inc.

2. An Efficient and Productive Workplace

Guiding Principle

A highly productive and efficient workplace enables us to maintain a sustainable business delivering exceptional services to customers.

At the heart of this strategy is our WorkSMARTCW3 programme, which enables us to share knowledge—communicating good working practices, new products, and processes that have been proven to reduce risk, improve quality, and satisfy customers.


WorkSMARTCW3 encourages employees to submit ways in which they think the business could be developed—not just in terms of improving health and safety. Whether it is reducing costs, streamlining processes, or improving efficiency and productivity, our process for submitting ideas is simple and integrates with our online safety management system. Ideas are then stored in our “virtual book of change” and shared throughout the business.


EMCOR UK's goal is to continue with the our WorkSMARTCW3 programme and behavioural safety programmes to drive towards the zero-injury / zero-harm objective we have set