Employee development


To stay an employer of choice in order to continue to attract, motivate, develop, and retain the very best people.

1. Engagement

Guiding Principle

EMCOR UK wants employees to be proud to work for us. We want them to understand our vision and goals, and to commit to EMCOR UK’s larger objectives so they feel motivated to produce high-quality work for our customers.



EMCOR UK’s differentiation strategy is based upon putting employees and customers at the heart of our business to make our customers’ lives easier.

Through customer and employee surveys, we have established a clear link between employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

To increase the level of engagement, we have developed and reviewed our major people processes including: recruitment and induction; training; reward and recognition; appraisals; and employee communications.

2. Diversity

Guiding Principle

Across the UK, we operate within diverse communities. We want our workforce to recognise and reflect this diversity because it brings insights and behaviours that enable us to better relate to our customers and, by doing so, we can continually improve our performance.


EMCOR UK recognises that tackling big issues like diversity needs to be driven from the top. Our Creating Balance steering group has been created to drive diversity initiatives throughout our business. Through this integrated approach, we identify diversity risks and opportunities for our business and use our findings in the formulation of our business strategies.

Our management teams also participate in diversity training through our recruitment skills training course, which includes a section on unconscious bias.

3. Skills and Development

Guiding Principle

EMCOR UK will increase opportunities for our people to develop their work skills and personal competency, generating more career progression within the company, whilst simultaneously harnessing and deploying the extensive talent within our business.


The minimum our employees can expect is an annual performance and development review from their supervising manager, which is recorded using our online system.

EMCOR UK has also developed an online training tool which is aimed at improving the accessibility of essential training for all employees. As an enhancement, we developed a series of compliance, technical, and health and safety modules, and much of our workforce regularly attends classroom soft skills and personal development training. We offer over 500 courses annually.

4. Employee Management

Guiding Principle

EMCOR UK is committed to establishing a working environment free from bullying, harassment, and victimisation. This work environment promotes high levels of care and fairness for everyone. We do this so that all our employees know that their needs are taken into consideration when business decisions are made.


Senior managers and directors complete our code-of-conduct and business-ethics training. Also, line managers and supervisors complete a course on communicating across a diverse workforce, as well as a training module focused on workplace harassment issues.

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