Guiding Principle

EMCOR UK recognises that by anticipating and responding to customer needs, and by looking for ways to continuously improve, we can achieve exceptional customer satisfaction.



One of the ways EMCOR UK keeps customers at the centre of our organisation is by initiating periodic customer satisfaction surveys. We are able to respond quickly and accurately to our customers’ needs, allowing us to achieve outstanding customer ratings.

EMCOR UK has developed a customer excellence strategy centred around:

  • Deploying key account management techniques developed in collaboration with academia and the Institute of Collaborative Working that facilitates a thorough understanding of customer requirements and how we can best support them.
  • Developing best-in-class service procedures that demonstrate customer excellence.
  • Recording and monitoring day-to-day customer feedback.
  • A guidebook focused on customer excellence that is coupled with a customer excellence training course for employees to use in supplementing their development.


EMCOR UK's goals are to continue developing and implementing core service-stream procedures while developing new training tools. We shall also continue utilising our customer excellence forums to share best practices.