Excellence in Wellbeing, Safety and Assurance 

As people who care, EMCOR UK works hard to protect everyone we work and partner with by ensuring activities are completed safety in our bid to achieve zero incidents.

Our ambition to deliver 'A Better World at Work' depends largely on providing sustainable decent work, our safety and ultimately our good health and wellbeing.

At EMCOR UK health safety and wellbeing is one of our four core values for which we have been recognised with over 70 related awards in the past decade.

EMCOR UK's award-winning commitment to Health Safety & Wellbeing is considered integral to our value of being Safe & Secure. Safety is embedded within our core values and is at the heart of everything we do, helping EMCOR UK develop and deliver outstanding safety culture. Our strategy provides further detail on the key initiatives and objectives that will shape the future of EMCOR UK's health, safety and wellbeing agenda.

Our whole person approach to safety is designed to bring parity to physical and psychological safety in the workplace. 'Together as One' we strive towards providing decent work and an authentic wellbeing culture, creative a healthier more inclusive world at work, keeping ourselves and our colleagues healthy and safe and to 'Be There for Life.'

Zero Harm is Our Aspiration

Our aspiration of zero harm is underpinned by the broad range of behavioural safety activity captured within our 'Be There for Life' programme and embedded through our just and fair safety culture.  This builds trust and accountability across our organisation and provides awareness of the guiding principles that drive our safety behaviour and performance and enables us to deliver world class safety performance.

Risk Assurance and Business Continuity

Risk mitigation is critical to EMCOR UK's operation and is reflected in the risk-based approach which underpins our daily activity.

Our processes are aligned to the principles of ISO 31000 to provide a holistic and comprehensive approach to the application of our risk control measures in support of organisational and operational resilience.

Our solutions for managing risk include but are not limited to:

Risk Identification & Assessment

Be there for Life - Stop Safety Culture Programmes

Through our 'Be There for Life' programme we are promoting a proactive and positive safety environment. We encourage all our colleagues to recognise safe behaviour and challenge 'STOP' unsafe acts and reinforce this culture through our Be There for Life conversations.

Be There for Life Wheel

The multi-faceted 'Be There for Life' program forms an integral part of our vision, values and expected behaviours underpinning our just and fair culture through the following practices:

  • Engagement and consultation
  • Learning from experience
  • the alignment of ISO 45001 and 45003 providing parity between wellbeing and safety
  • training and development
  • reward and recognition

Our 'Be There for Life' program is also fundamental in bringing parity between physical and psychological risk and encourages the consideration of both the physical and mental health of our colleagues.

Our aspiration to zero harm supports our culture of safety and wellbeing, underpinned by individual and group values, attitudes, perceptions, competencies, and proficiency in safety management.

EMCOR's Just Culture is an integral part of our organisational learning. Our transparent approach to learning from incident and accident investigation and analysis fosters trust, inculcates accountability in our safety leaders and promotes colleagues participation in proactive safety reporting. This restorative approach benefits the organisation through a measured reduction in accidents and incidents and encourages an open and honest approach to learning from experience.

Our behavioural Safety Charter incorporates our Safety Vision, Core Safety Values and expected safety behaviours which forms the guiding principles for every one of our colleagues.

Award-winning Safety Performance

EMCOR UK is recognised by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). The British Safety Council (BSC) and Achilles for the highest of standards in occupational health and Safety Management within our organisation.

Over a period spanning more than a decade EMCOR UK has received more than 70 RoSPA awards with the more recent 2022 an industry leading 11 awards including Gold, Silver, Gold Medal, President, and Sector awards.

In addition to this EMCOR UK have also attained:

  • The British Safety Council Sword of Honour and International Safety Award with distinction
  • Certification with commendations on a 100% pass rate with Achilles for our Utilities services
  • International Institute of Risk and Safety Management 2021 winners for EMCOR UK's Health and Wellbeing Strategy
  • This can Happen Awards 2021 Highly commended in the Best Mental Health in the Workplace strategy
  • Make a Difference awards finalist 2021 for our approach to workplace culture mental health and wellbeing

All of which are in recognition of well-developed occupational health and safety management systems, outstanding risk control, and low levels of failure, harm, and loss.

EMCOR UK Awards Listing

Industry leaders in the certification ISO 45001:2018 & ISO 45003:2021

EMCOR UK was one of only ten companies worldwide to be ISO 45001 certified on the first day the new standard went into effect.

This drive for excellence in Occupational Health and Safety has resulted to EMCOR UK being the first company, globally, to achieve certification to ISO 45003 (Occupational Health and Safety Management-Psychological health and safety at work) in 2021.

EMCOR UK's Health and Safety Policy outlines the organisations Executive Leadership teams commitment to Health and Safety and it is integral to all our values (Safe and Secure).

This commitment by the Executive Leadership supports the requirements of the 45001 & 45003 standards and our organisational aspiration to zero harm by providing a safe and healthy working environment for all EMCOR work colleagues, supply chain partners and those who are visitors to our premises and workplaces.

Through the company’s ethos of “The whole Person approach” the ISO 45001 & 45003 standards are intrinsically linked, working together to manage the company’s physical and psychological risk.

ISO 45001 & 45003 specifies requirements for occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system, with guidance for its use, to enable organisations to proactively improve OH&S performance in preventing injury and ill-health.

EMCOR UK have embraced the systematic approach to the assessment of risk, fundamental to the effectiveness of the system whilst ensuring we identify and capitalise on the opportunities that arise. The organisation is also committed to promoting unquestionable safety behaviour having acknowledged that our actions and habits are as important to the frameworks in which we work.

Forming part of the organisation’s certification to the ISO standards and a mandatory requirement in the qualification of our Supply Chain Partners is our accreditation to CHAS and Safe contractor. The Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP’s) is required from all Supply Chain Partners and provides a level of assurance when onboarding.

EMCOR UKs ISO 45001 standard is one of eight standards managed and retained by the organisation and although linked directly to ISO 45003 it also forms an integrated management system with the ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System).

Asset 13@300x.png

We are proud to be global leaders and the first organisation in the world to be certified with ISO 45003: 2021 Occupational health and safety management – psychosocial risks.

The process of obtaining certification has sharpened our approach to psychological safety. Three categories of psychosocial risk have been incorporated into our enterprise risk register.

Our whole person approach to safety aims to bring parity to physical and psychological safety in the workplace to support a better world at work and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3 & 8, good health & wellbeing, and decent work & economic growth.

Together as One we strive towards providing decent work and an authentic wellbeing culture by ending the stigma around mental health and wellbeing to create a healthier more inclusive world at work, keeping ourselves and our colleagues healthy and safe and to Be There For Life.

Wellbeing strategic aim

As people who care, our wellbeing aim is to generate awareness, self-management and line manager support to embed a preventative risk-based approach to workplace health and safety whilst encouraging proactive wellbeing through EMCOR UK’s 6 ways. We will provide the infrastructure, policies, and wellbeing interventions that create a psychologically safe environment where everyone can bring their true and whole selves to work.

6 ways to wellbeing: connect, be active, nourish, take notice, keep learning, give

Our Six Ways to Wellbeing initiative encourages employees to be proactive in supporting their own health and wellbeing, while encouraging their colleagues to do the same.

Our key psychological and wellbeing objectives

Our objectives align with three overarching themes; risk mitigation, assurance, and predictive insights. We define wellbeing across the following key areas:


Financial security and freedom come from having access to lending, savings and education, which helps our employees live their lives to the fullest.


Good health is achieved through having access to good nutrition, hydration and, sleep.


Workplace health surveillance encourages early intervention to prevent injury and chronic illness.


By promoting mental health awareness and reducing its stigma, we can help employees build resilience.

Psychological safety

In paying close attention to how work is organized, social factors at work and working environments, equipment, and hazardous tasks, we promote a sense of purpose and equality in the workplace.

Our risk assessment approach to psychological health, safety and wellbeing identifies existing & new workplace mental health risks, detects the source or risk, implements control measures to minimize the risk, evaluates effectiveness of these controls and identifies areas for improvement.

Using our internally developed organisational wellbeing maturity model, we can determine the effectiveness of our objectives and risk-based approach to wellbeing. We measure wellbeing maturity across 17 wellbeing performance indicators, which are proud to see an increase of 12.5 % since Jan 2021.

How Work is Organized

  • Role
  • Demand
  • Control
  • Change
  • Remote/isolated work
  • Workload / pace / hours / schedule
  • Job security

Social Factors at Work

  • Work relationships - manager / colleagues / client
  • Lack of purpose / fairness
  • Failing to listen
  • Lack of support & development
  • Effort vs reward
  • Trust & respect
  • Inclusion
  • Bullying & harassment


  • Equipment
  • Working conditions - extreme working conditions
  • Tools and resources to complete task
  • Safety & Security
  • Unstable work environment and conflict
  • Technology