Digital FM Solutions

EMCOR UK keeps customer facilities operating at peak efficiency through our bespoke information management digital solutions.

Our ecosystem of digital capability provides a comprehensive view of every aspect of facility data—including data analytics, operational delivery, work management and permitting, compliance management, smart property and energy systems, asset management and workplace engagement solutions. 

Benefits of the deployment of our solutions range from reduced cost and risk, enhanced user experience, improved data insight and compliance assured delivery. 

Our FM digital ecosystem can be fully deployed to industry leading systemized Facilities Management delivery.  Equally our system solutions can be deployed in a modular and highly flexible way to ensure that we can integrate with any existing deployed client solutions. We offer a full systems integration and development capability to support these deployments requiring little or no involvement from our clients teams, reducing time to value delivery.    

One Data World

EMCOR UK have developed One Data World, a single portal that provides a window into the data and metrics across the entire digital estate for your properties.  One Data World brings together transactional, service performance and building metrics into one central data repository. From this, we can visualize data through AI and science-based analytics drawing key insight from all facets of the data landscape, and identify where further action is required or where there’s areas for improvement, trending data over time.  One Data World turns data into knowledge, knowledge into insight, and insight into action.  Creating data led decision making for site optimisation. And most importantly, this puts all of the information, from all aspects of our delivery, in your hands to be confident in our delivery performance and the compliance of your buildings, while helping make informed data led decisions across your entire estate.

Delivering Operational Excellence

Our Field Force Work Management solution helps us manage both planned and unplanned maintenance activities. We developed a customised app for our facilities management service operatives to provide engineers with the information they need to complete a particular task and track improvements in productivity.

Work planners / schedulers match job tasks to available resources (our own labour or subcontractor labour), estimate and obtain approval of costs, establish priorities, and initiate maintenance activities. Field Force Work Management benefits include:

  • Tracking tools to enable detailed analysis of resources, materials, and equipment use and costs—helps decrease labour and materials costs
  • Helpdesk: We have extensive experience operating customer-managed Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) systems; however, we can also integrate our CAFM systems with just about any customer platform
  • Manage and monitor all of your asset deployments, specifications, calibration, costing, and tracking.
  • Track asset details — locations, work, and cost history —to help you maximise productivity and extend asset life.
  • Plan inventory to meet your maintenance demand precisely, so we can make the right parts available when needed, with particular emphasis on spares for critical assets.
  • Defines service offerings, so we can align our services to your business needs.
  • Monitors service level delivery to help ensure service level commitments are met.

Intelligent Asset Solutions

EMCOR UK’s bespoke asset analytics capability takes a structured, systemised, data led approach towards asset maintenance and management. Our solution has the capability to analyse, compare, trend and deliver necessary changes to your asset maintenance plans. The structured systemised approach ensures that the correct proactive maintenance is being applied to all assets in the estate, ensuring both compliance and alignment to strategic maintenance plans.

Predictive Failure Analytics

Using Operational data from 15 years of EMCOR UK maintenance activities and analysing over 1 billion discrete pieces of data we have utilised the latest AI and machine learning techniques to create a suite of asset predictive failure models.  These models will, using existing asset data, predict with a high degree of accuracy which assets will require maintenance intervention in the 1, 3 and 6 month windows. This prediction allows for a risk based view to be taken on the asset maintenance activities across the estate.  Integrated with our Asset Management Suite of capability, our predictive failure models will highlight any potential impending failures to both standard and critical assets, allowing pro-active maintenance activities to be carried out ahead of any reduction or loss in service.

Workplace Experience

Technology is a key enabler to enhance the end-users experience of the workspace, especially in the corporate and office spaces.  Our single end user app – AXIS - provides a one stop shop for all of the services and information within the workplace.  Including facility news, service requests, catering requests, visitor management and resource booking.  By having a single app for the facility users improves engagement, usage and ultimately user satisfaction.


Learn how EMCOR UK helps achieve high performing and productive workplaces by harnessing the power of technology.

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