Supply Chain Management

EMCOR UK has vast experience in the selection and management of the supply chain partners who provide specialist services within the total facilities management (TFM) industry.

Our supply chain management team has a single focus: provide outstanding facilities management services. This is a critical component to EMCOR UK’s first-class, seamless approach to our delivery model.

Supply Chain Assessment and Benchmarking

All of EMCOR UK’s supply chain partners have completed a comprehensive supplier assessment to help ensure that their company’s culture, operational policies, and procedures are of the highest standards and aligned to our own.

EMCOR UK’s supply chain management team continually reviews and benchmarks approved suppliers (and strategic partnerships) against alternative suppliers, as well as UK market performance standards.

Our preferred suppliers are also subjected to regular cost monitoring and market testing to assess how competitive they are in an evolving market place. This is a continuous process which encourages each supply chain partner to deliver constant improvements.

A Sustainable Supply Chain

EMCOR UK works to ensure that our supply chain is sustainable, class leading, and follows BS 8903, the international standard for sustainable procurement.

Customised to Customer Needs

We engage with our supply chain at both the tender and contract renewal stage to help ensure we understand our customer’s requirements and deliver a solution that best matches those requirements. The quality of our preferred supply chain makes EMCOR UK stand out amongst its competitors, as does the ability to demonstrate open and transparent value to our customers.

Supply Chain Safety

Making sure that each supply chain partner demonstrates safe practices is of the utmost importance to EMCOR UK, which is why our current supply chain is compliant with all safety certification requirements, providing customers with the assurance that we only work with robust, safe companies.

It is mandatory that all our subcontractors are accredited by the Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme (CH&SA) and SafeContractor—or an acceptable equivalent. In some cases, supply chain partners must demonstrate a commitment to obtain the appropriate accreditations within three months.

Ethical Trading

EMCOR UK has an Ethical Customer Charter. Within the EMCOR UK Ethical Charter we promise to:

  • Work with the best suppliers, who operate safely and are considerate towards the environment, and provide a safe and competent workforce employed in accordance with industry best practice
  • Respect intellectual property rights and the confidentiality of information of customers and suppliers
  • Honour agreements in a culture of openness and honesty and take a non-adversarial approach to dispute resolution

To learn more about EMCOR UK’s suite of integrated facilities management services, or to understand more about how we manage our supply chain, contact us today.