EMCOR UK switches to gloves made from recycled plastic at British Sugar



EMCOR UK, has switched to using Polyflex Eco gloves, made from recycled plastic, at British Sugar sites where it provides FM services. 

The standard gloves are made from recycled plastic – using one 500ml plastic bottle for each pair of gloves – and conform to global standards. Each pair of gloves contains 10 grams of recycled plastic bottles (PET) cutting down the reliance on virgin materials like oil-based polyester. 

EMCOR UK initially carried out a trial at one site to ensure the gloves were equal or superior in quality and durability. The feedback was extremely positive indicating that both the longevity and level of protection were improved. 

Steve Thomson, Account Director at EMCOR UK, said: “At EMCOR UK, we always strive to operate sustainably and to source products that support this goal. We were delighted with the trial of Polyflex ECO gloves as not only are they durable, comfortable and more sustainable but they are also no more expensive than the standard gloves we previously used at that site. 

“Due to the success of the trial, we have now rolled out the use of these gloves across all British Sugar sites and aim to introduce them to other sites where we provide services. We have also recently trialled the use of recycled plastic thermal gloves and plan to introduce Polyflex Eco Therm gloves into British Sugar sites.”

Colin Moffett from Polyco Healthline, who supply the gloves, said: “As a leading provider of hand protection and hygiene products, we are committed to introducing innovative products which are environmentally friendly. Our Polyflex Eco range of gloves set new standards in comfort and dexterity and at the same time are better for the environment and so successfully meet the requirements of EMCOR UK for a high quality, sustainable product.” 

Polyco Healthline provide protection and hygiene products and services in the workplace and at home.