EMCOR UK retains account with the DE&S Deca



EMCOR UK is delighted to announce that it has been successful in retaining its contract with DE&S Deca (formerly the Defence Electronics & Components Agency) following a rigorous tender process. 

Deca is a trusted MOD and industry partner which recently merged with Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S). Its highly professional team aims to provide benchmark support services as the principal in-house organisation dedicated to maintenance, repair, overhaul, upgrade, procurement and managed service provision in the defence avionics, electronics and components field.

The EMCOR UK team provide a range of hard and soft services, including carbon reduction, asset management, fire systems, waste management and project services.

EMCOR UK’s win is testament to the strong partnership that has been developed with DE&S Deca. Collaboration between core members of both teams will form the foundation of the work for the years ahead.

Mike Walton, strategic account director at EMCOR UK, said: “We’re thrilled to continue this partnership and it’s thanks to our team that we have been trusted to continue our great work. They have delivered time and time and again and gained the confidence of everyone at DE&S Deca. We have an intimate knowledge of the client and its objectives and are ready to continue to provide a world-class service.”

Karen Wickstead, Head of Estates & Facilities at DE&S Deca, said: “We’ve been very impressed with EMCOR UK’s work and are delighted that we’ll be able to continue relying on its team. Our ongoing transition with DE&S will bring about new challenges and we have full confidence that EMCOR UK will deliver above and beyond to help us achieve our goals.”