EMCOR UK offers expert insight for FM success



EMCOR UK has published a strategic guide with 15 steps for facilities managers to take that will help drive efficiency, reduce costs and strengthen customer partnerships. The guide is free to download here

The guide is split into five sections, with experts from EMCOR UK sharing three actions for FMs to take. The topics and contributors are:

  • Carbon and energy management – Kam Singh, director of carbon solutions
  • Impactful ESG - Jonathan Gawthrop, executive director, risk and sustainability
  • Data-driven insight - James Dunnett, chief technology officer
  • Workplace optimisation - Ian Baker, head of workplace
  • Building and asset management - Jessica Rauf-Thomas, head of operational asset management

FMs increasingly find themselves balancing multiple priorities from various stakeholders, from energy management to workplace experience. Each of these areas has its own challenges: energy management is key as energy use by UK businesses increased by 6.5% in 2023 compared to the year before; ESG strategies are vital as 71% of employees say that it’s ‘very important’ to work for an organisation that supports giving and volunteering; while workplace experience cannot be ignored as The University of Warwick found that workplace happiness leads to a 12% increase in productivity, while distress leads to a 10% decrease.

This guide aims to go beyond exploring these trends and give readers concrete steps that will support them to achieve their organisational goals. Kam Singh, director of carbon solutions at EMCOR UK, leads the guide with insight into carbon reduction strategies. 

He said: “It’s a rewarding challenge to offer clear, actionable steps businesses can take to reach their net-zero goals. We understand that facilities managers often find themselves at the centre of various business strategies, and while it’s great that FM has a voice at the top table it can also be challenging to balance competing objectives and drive business success. We hope that this will support FMs to exceed expectations and contribute to critical business decisions.”  

Download EMCOR UK’s guide for free here