EMCOR UK appoints Rebekah Randall as Head of Talent



EMCOR UK has appointed Rebekah Randall as its new head of talent. Randall joins the business at time when the best candidates have become a real commodity and employer value propositions have become a key part of the employment process. 

Collaboration between HR, ED&I and account teams is critical, and Randall will build on the existing recruitment process by adding a strategic element driven by data insights and cross-team collaboration.

Randall joins the company after working in talent acquisition and recruitment roles for over a decade. She brings extensive knowledge on internships, as she developed a highly successful inclusive programme in her last role that focused on core abilities rather than entry requirements. The result was a dynamic group of interns who excelled in their roles.

Rebekah Randall, head of talent at EMCOR UK, commented: “I’m excited to join an organisation so committed to undertaking talent acquisition in such an inclusive and comprehensive manner. I want to focus on using the data we have from our already successful processes to develop new strategies for hiring and retention. We want every candidate to feel that they add value to their role, and that they have a real impact.”  

Dylan Wickenden, executive director of human resources at EMCOR UK, said: “The candidate market is hugely competitive, especially due to the pandemic transforming the labour market. Numerous FM firms are striving to hire top talent. Clearly communicating the employer value proposition and career progression pathways are essential to stand out, and this is where Rebekah’s experience will be invaluable. Her previous success in strategic talent acquisition will translate well into elevating our holistic hiring process, helping us attract the best candidates for the benefit of EMCOR UK and our clients.”