Project Description

EMCOR UK was awarded a five-year contract for integrated facilities management in the utility sector for nearly 600 properties throughout North West England, including head office campus, data centres, waste, and clean water treatment facilities, pumping stations, and metering facilities.

Key Benefits

  • Delivered a successful mobilisation over a three-month period
  • Transferred 225 employees to EMCOR UK
  • Rolled out new equipment, vehicles, uniforms, personal protection equipment (PPE) and IT to all service staff
  • Mitigated the issues of inaccurate TUPE data
  • Transferred key customer nominated subcontractors to EMCOR UK
  • Delivered training to ensure that employees were trained in line with EMCOR UK’s training standards
  • Supported transfer of project management for high profile existing refurbishment projects
  • Through collaborative working with our customer and the incumbent, we achieved a smooth, problem-free transition.

About the Customer

This customer provides water to three million homes and 200,000 businesses across the region.