Front-of-House Case Study

Project Description

Over the past few years, this customer has experienced a significant increase in visitor footfall and an increased demand and expectations for use of its buildings across the UK.

As a first step, the EMCOR UK team undertook a comprehensive review of the current service provision, and then agreed to a new customer service model across all London buildings. The agreed upon model was structured around the appointment of an Operational Customer Excellence Manager who would have overall responsibility for the delivery of the service. The remit for the new teams was also increased to include:

  • Conference room bookings
  • Regular “floor walks” to proactively capture and resolve building user issues in real time
  • Manning of new information “hubs”

EMCOR UK also designed and held a recruitment event, which attracted 60 people in person and 200 people to the online application. EMCOR UK then held a series of competency-based interviews and filled 12 positions. Next, a training plan was developed and executed. Finally, an appearance policy and standard front of house operating procedures were developed and put in place.

Key Benefits

Measures of success include an increase in meeting room availability, quicker entry and exit to meetings, improved meeting room facilities tailored for each event, and ease of booking via the EMCOR UK customer team.

About the Customer

The customer supports ministers in leading the nation’s health and social care to help people live more independent, healthier lives for longer.