Collaboration Case Study

Project Description

The customer was looking to find a long term partner to support their business aims during AMP6 and on into AMP7 (2020-25). EMCOR UK’s challenge was to deliver effective collaboration aiming to rebuild and motivate the employee workforce who would transfer to EMCOR UK under TUPE Regulations as part of the new contract.

This included: training new leaders in collaborative principles, establishing effective governance and performance measures, understanding the customer’s business by connecting the wider EMCOR UK community with the customer, deploying EMCOR UK’s technology platform, establishing stakeholder engagement, building trust and delivering major transformation across every service stream.

Key Benefits

  • Historical data review and solution analytics
  • Early creation of a Joint Relationship Management Plan
  • Agreement of the collaborative parameters, documenting how together both companies would achieve real mutual advantage
  • Risk management and profiling, including joint ownership and mitigation strategy
  • Establishing clear joint common goals and purpose including jointly agreed objectives, measures, and targets
  • Defining integrated teamwork principles, sharing knowledge, and developing an interdependent culture to co-create joint excellence
  • Developing value definitions including for example cost avoidance, adding mutual value to our respective organisations, creating new value through innovation, supporting the circular economy, delivering sustainable FM, and growing profitability in a sustainable manner

About the Customer

This customer is the UK’s largest listed water company managing the regulated water and wastewater network in the North West of England. The company provides services to around seven million people, including 3.5 million households and 200,000 commercial businesses in the region.