International airline

What we helped achieve


Since our contract began in 1992, we’ve provided an airline with complete ground support equipment maintenance at London Heathrow and Gatwick airports. They chose us because we offer a complete bundled service, and, as we’ve been working with them for so long, we’ve adapted our skills to fit their requirements.

Some of the benefits we’ve brought

  • Saved them time and money by taking on an in-house designer
  • Designed, installed and commissioned an airside nitrogen facility
  • Provided them with a more sustainable and streamlined system
  • Improved asset availability and reduced logistic costs through an asset management system

The challenges we had to overcome

  • Migration to a new terminal ensuring critical systems were unaffected - we moved engineering equipment, including hydraulic aircraft jacks, and access and ground support equipment, while continuing to supply specialist aircraft engineering services
  • Run protection guards for their fleet of A380s were all too small - we designed and manufactured two pairs ourselves
  • Equipment failures on aircraft that are scheduled to fly - we attend site, fix faults quickly and without fuss, so the planes can take off on time

How we helped

  • Improved asset availability and reduced logistics costs - we built an engineering asset management system that uses GPS and RFID to track their 9,500 pieces of engineering equipment, so their engineers can find the nearest piece of equipment, as well as seeing if it’s cheaper to buy another - rather than spend money transporting it
  • Aligned technology with the theirs, so maintenance equipment is readily available - we issued our engineers with iPads that sync with their systems and automatically diagnose faults on newer planes, such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A380
  • One point of contact - we bundle all ground support equipment maintenance and deliver the services in-house
  • Peace of mind - we’ve developed new skills, expertise and processes over time to meet their changing needs, for example we now maintain Sabre breathing apparatus, aircraft tanks, and aircraft jacks
  • Greater flexibility and reduced operational downtime - we extended our team’s specialist mobile capability
  • Provided cost-effective maintenance solutions - we send engineers to the USA to undertake annual planned maintenance, rather than shipping heavy and bulky equipment to the UK

Service scope

  • Fixed and rotary wing ground service equipment
  • Lifting equipment and testing
  • 400Hz electrical ground power
  • Docking and access equipment
  • Ground hydraulic power
  • Tooling and calibration
  • Jack testing and certification
  • Specialist machining and design
  • Breathing apparatus
  • Supply of nitrogen and cylinder trolley maintenance
  • Life cycle asset management and tracking