Department of Health

What we helped achieve


Having worked with the Department of Health since 2001, we’re always looking for ways to add value, save money, and improve customer service, through more efficient working practices and procurement procedures.

Some of the benefits we’ve brought

  • Overall savings of 28%, far exceeding the initial 10% target
  • Savings in excess of £100,000 in year one of the contract, by reducing energy use and improving sustainability
  • Advice and guidance with building planning and strategy
  • Lowering operational costs and improving efficiencies across the organisation
  • The introduction of a central waste recycling initiative to improve on existing recycling levels

The challenges we had to overcome

  • Complied with new environmental and health and safety legislation- by implementing a wide range of innovations
  • Cut costs- maximised savings across 14 UK sites, by employing staff quickly and easily, providing multi-lingual, one-to-one and group inductions to smooth the process
  • Consolidated numerous subcontractors to improve efficiency - our multi-skilled one-team approach provides a wide range of more efficient, integrated services such as; waste and energy management, security, cleaning, messenger and mail room services, pest control, and electrical maintenance services

How we helped

  • Provided a comprehensive range of management and hard and soft services - to maintain and support their facilities
  • Ensured they surpassed their CO2 targets - by carrying out monthly energy consumption reviews and implementing energy saving initiatives for air filters, heating, lighting and air conditioning
  • Ensured they met their recycling targets - by introducing central recycling points, so over 85% of waste was recycled, and appointed ‘energy champions’ who encouraged staff to be more energy-aware
  • Generated savings through economies of scale - our size and experience ensured more efficient and cost-effective procurement throughout the supply chain
  • Adjusted our planning and strategy to meet the organisation’s ever-changing needs - our flexible approach allows us to maintain high service levels and offer value for money

Service scope

  • Cleaning
  • Waste management
  • Security and manned guarding
  • Catering and hospitality
  • Fabric maintenance
  • Energy management
  • Reception and helpdesk
  • Pest control
  • Messenger, courier and mail room services
  • Mechanical and electrical maintenance
  • Grounds maintenance and internal planting