Mobilisation and Transition at EMCOR UK

At EMCOR UK, we recognise that the quality of the Mobilisation and Transition period of any new contract is paramount to a contract’s success. We have significant experience and knowledge in delivering successful large-scale Mobilisation and Transition projects within the most complex and regulated environments in the UK. Our dedicated Mobilisation and Transition team are experts in delivering detailed change programmes, including design and implementation to enable a ‘soft landing’ for service change across our client’s estates.

We have a tried and tested Standard Operating model which follows Prince 2 methodology and is compliant with BS 8892- Transition of Facility Related Services. This model focuses on enabling collaboration to build our ‘one team’ approach, fusing service teams, knowledge systems and technology into one common platform across our client estates. This framework ensures we engage with a wide range of specialist sub-contractors and supplier partners to ensure the services to our clients are seamless, collaborative and culturally aligned.

Ultimately, our goal is always ensure that day 1 Go Live and beyond is stress and hassle free with no operational disruption for our clients and our transferring people.

Our dedicated Mobilisation and Transition Team

For each client Mobilisation and Transition, we deploy a dedicated Senior Mobilisation Manager, supported by the Head of Mobilisation and Transition who will be responsible for the successful delivery of the project. The Mobilisation Manager is supported by EMCOR UK’s M&T team who are qualified and accredited with the Association of Project Management and Change Management (APM) and who have extensive FM service knowledge and operational experience. The core M&T team are also supported by a large team of subject matter experts with extensive experience in mobilising and transitioning IFM delivery models. They will implement our best practice processes to standardise operating procedures and controls to maintain compliance and increase service efficiencies.

Our Risk Management process

EMCOR UK have a stringent and transparent Mobilisation and Transition risk management process. The dedicated Mobilisation Manager will be responsible for managing the risk process throughout the project. The process begins with the analysis of all potential risks through consultation with our client and M&T team SMEs. Once all risks have been identified and categorised, suitable mitigation actions are developed and agreed jointly. An owner is identified against each risk and mitigation actions are allocated appropriately with forecast close-out dates. All risks and mitigation actions are managed proactively via inclusion in the mobilisation plan and reviewed regularly. All amber and red risks are highlighted to the senior management team and closely monitored through to closure.

EMCOR UK has a 100% mobilsation success rate because our risks are managed successfully

Our People

At EMCOR UK, we understand the complexities of TUPE transfers and have successfully managed the process for over 20 years. We also understand, and are sensitive to, people concerns that arise and recognise the importance of early communication and consultation with the employees who are joining us as part of the TUPE in process.

The communication commences with an introductory Townhall session to all joining employees with the objective of explaining the new contract and the change process. At this session each employee will be assigned a ‘Buddy’ from within the M&T team who will be their main point of contact. Their Buddy will take them through a 1-2-1 process, which will include a review of their terms of employment with a member of the HR team to ensure they are correct as they understand them to be (before the transfer takes place) and operational discovery sessions where we seek to establish in detail what they do, how they do it and how we can make their working life easier for them on the new contract.

Effective organisational culture is also a big focus for us. During the Mobilisation phase our Mobilisation and Transition Team will implement an initial cultural change programme, the objective of which is to introduce, familiarise and train transferring employees in our attitudes and behaviours, in accordance with cultural objectives of the new contract. During the Transition phase a more extensive, collaborative cultural change plan will be designed and implemented to embed the required values, beliefs, and behaviours that we at EMCOR UK and our clients will expect to see from the employees and teams operating the contract.

EMCOR UK have an 98% TUPE Transfer success rate, with no tribunal claims resulting in any transfer into our business because of our excellence people engagement programme.

Case Study

Upon conclusion of the original five-year term of its facilities management contract, this customer awarded EMCOR UK a ten-year agreement to provide a Total Facilities Management (TFM) solution.

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Mobilisation Case Study

Project Description

Upon conclusion of the original five-year term of its facilities management contract, this customer awarded EMCOR UK a ten-year agreement to provide a Total Facilities Management (TFM) solution. The contract covered five processing plants, plus the corporate headquarters and conference and training centre.

Key Benefits

  • Completed the TUPE transfer of 400-plus personnel
  • Changed soft service only contract to TFM
  • Increased operating efficiency and delivered savings in the first six months
  • Re-designed operating procedures to increase value-added activities
  • Re-trained all employees to deliver an improved service to the customer

About the Customer

Partnering with 3,500 growers, this customer is one of the most efficient sugar processors in the world.

Case Study

EMCOR UK was awarded a five-year contract for integrated facilities management in the utility sector for nearly 600 properties throughout North West England.

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