EMCOR UK's Response to Covid-19


As the COVID 19 pandemic issue continues to escalate in the UK, the “Stay, Protect, Save” guidance issued by the Government is one that, as a business, we take seriously in an effort not only to protect the NHS, but to protect all colleagues be they employed by us, our supply chain or within our customers.

This is our number one priority and it is against this background that we have taken specific measures and actions to maintain the sustainability of our business and the continuity of services we provide.

Governance and Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

We have activated enhanced business continuity measures for our business. We have established a hierarchy of teams that have the skills and authority to decide how to respond to operational issues with agility. This is to ensure that decisions can be made quickly and effectively where they matter most - at the point of need.

Our BCP Gold and Silver teams, which sit above the operational teams, meet daily to provide the strategic direction based on a critical examination of the evolving data and common issues.These teams include representation from all key areas of the business, with particular emphasis on customers, supply chain and colleagues.

Communication and Colleague Wellbeing

The health, safety and wellbeing of our colleagues, customers and supply chain partners is our utmost priority. We are reinforcing the guidance issued by the Government in terms of the preferred stay at home policy, social distancing and hygiene with further advice on preserving their wellbeing using our own internal resources and those made available by Government and other sources.In some instances, we have been able to source guidance from amongst our customer base, who are experts in areas such as the use of PPE and shared this amongst our colleagues.We will continue to search for the best available advice and share best practice.

Supply Chain

We have been very active with our supply chain in maintaining supply lines.We are fortunate to be working with suppliers who can access the materials and services we need to keep running.Some are deemed critical to support the nation and we are able to secure supplies on your behalf through these strong relationships.

Our Teams, customers and supply chain partners

Our people have responded to this crisis showing truly amazing support, commitment and resilience in recent weeks. The same can also be said for our customers and supply chain partners. This collaborative approach, which sits at the heart of all our relationships, is making a real difference and I thank you all for your contribution.

Keep well and stay safe.

Keith Chanter
Chief Executive