EMCOR UK Are Authentic Wellbeing Award Winners

EMCOR UK was delighted to receive the Authentic Wellbeing Award at the 2020 IWFM Impact Awards.

We were thrilled to receive this award for our five-year strategic Embedding Wellbeing initiative. This was put in place to better support our employees and embed positive wellbeing behaviours across the business. It was designed with sustainable behavioural change in mind, something that ‘quick-win’ surface level wellbeing projects find difficult to achieve.

Our goal was to reach all parts of the organisation, from executive to junior levels, remote workers and employees joining from other organisations – offering wellbeing support initiatives that catered for everyone in the business. This included improved awareness and understanding of wellbeing; improved employee retention; and reduced absenteeism.

We recognised that there are multiple elements to an employee’s wellbeing, so our strategy was split into three core areas: physical, emotional and financial wellbeing.

Physical wellbeing programmes included research into how indoor environments affect people, a sleep awareness programme and a bike-to-work scheme. Emotional wellbeing programmes included mental health training, employee engagement initiatives and an employee assistance programme that provides third party counselling. Financial wellbeing included debt support counselling, dental insurance, health plans and discount offers.

Many of the initiatives are accessible through Flex, EMCOR UK’s online benefits portal. 

Jonathan Gawthrop, Executive Director, Wellbeing Sustainability & Assurance said: “We are passionate about actively supporting wellbeing and good health for our EMCOR UK teams. Being recognised through this award demonstrates we are authentic in our support of employees and this is even more important now than ever in these unprecedented times.”