A view from our CEO: Our New Purpose – “a better world at work”  

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As a company, EMCOR UK has evolved significantly over the last decade. Back in 2013, we took the strategic decision to withdraw from the mechanical and electrical installation market, preferring to focus on the facilities management sector.  In this transition, we retained the technical heritage associated with our design and build capability, whilst increasing our investment in developing and enhancing our total FM offer, adopting a highly collaborative approach to business relationships.

This has been a successful formula to date, but in 2019 we realised that we needed to further adapt our offer to go beyond “making our customers lives easier”. So, we undertook a review of the marketplace, inviting comments and input from our customers, our colleagues, supply chain partners and industry and sustainability experts. This allowed us to gain a 360-degree view of the position we should occupy as a leading workplace solutions provider. We did this not just to stay relevant, but to ensure our purpose was aligned to all our key stakeholder audiences; our customers, colleagues, supply chain partners and the communities in which we work.

Personally, I am delighted with the outcome. ‘a better world at work’ represents a bold vision of how a company, such as EMCOR UK, can add value across many dimensions; setting bold targets for our people and their development, for our performance in delivering our customers current and future needs, and acting as advocates in matters that affect society and the environment.

Our aim is to set the standard, bringing our best together to create a better world at work.  Better from a workplace perspective, adopting a human centric approach, and better from a planetary perspective where we seek to consume responsibly, innovate to adapt our services and treat all colleagues inclusively and with respect.  This approach is embedded in our four values; people who care, safe and secure, together as one and active and ambitious.

We took a critical look at the services we offer and have revised and repositioned them to provide a solution to the increasing challenges we see evolving for our customers.  In many cases the functional aspects of a facility are facing a different test; one that must address the “user experience” within the workplace, as well as the more traditional ones associated with cost of service and risk assurance. Our response to this, is to provide a bespoke solution based around four new service categories, giving you access to a comprehensive set of strategic and operational solutions:

  • Experience - The UK’s most assured and collaborative facilities management experts
  • Create - Smart, seamless and specialist delivery of change & project management
  • Enhance - Advanced, digital and data-enabled asset services, unlocking value and mitigating risk
  • Transform - Transformative sustainable strategic solutions, designing and creating future workplaces and wellbeing solutions

I am really inspired by the possibilities this new purpose opens up for the facilities market, and I look forward to discussing with you how we can apply this new service offer and approach to delivering further value to our workplaces and to our world.

If you would like to find out more about our new purpose, or what this means for you, contact us today to speak with one of the team.


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