EMCOR UK’s Mentoring Programme Gathers Pace at Warwick University Business School

EMCOR UK’s Mentoring Programme gathered apace last week at Warwick University’s Business School, as we continue to train more of our senior leadership team to be effective mentors.

Earlier this year, we launched the EMCOR UK Mentoring programme at the Uni’s Business School.The aim of our programme is to support the progress and growth of future leaders, by giving our senior leaders the skills, tools and best practice techniques to mentor others effectively.We now have fifteen trained mentors who will be, or currently are, partnered with ambitious individuals who are keen to grow, develop and succeed in their chosen career paths.

Our programme will continue to roll out across the business as we grow a rich pool of mentors, at all levels, to support this succession planning and talent management initiative.

Mentoring is just one of a range of learning and development programmes we undertake to develop and grow the talent in our business.

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